Question about light and sun syncing

Hey all, I’m back with another nubnub question…
So I have my clones cooking under a nice t5 fixture, running at 16/8 (on at 430am, off at 930pm). I’m moving these sexy ladies outside on the 21st of June to maximize the amount of daylight (will be acclimating them by bringing them out for longer each day to get them rdy for sunlight)
My question is: do I go by sunrise/set times or by civil twilight? Living at 44deg N

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That’s a good question maybe @dbrn32 can help

Or @WickedAle

I don’t grow outside, sorry.

Neither do I.

Sorry @Northerlit someone will know

Well, I’m not really sure why you need to go by either.

The bottom line is you are putting them out on the longest day of the year, so whether you are gauging how long that day is based on SR/SS or twilight is irrelevant.

If you are looking to slowly sync your lighting to match outdoors before kicking them out, I would go by twilight, that way you don’t risk giving them less light when they could read twilight hours.

With all that said, I would just run them at 16/8 until ready to go outside.


I think that short-day photoperiod plants (like cannabis) are more concerned about the length of uninterrupted night, and not the length of the day period. Hence the reason gaslighting works to prevent flowering.

I would go with civil twilight myself if I were seriously worried about it.

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Alright guys, I appreciate y’all.
So I’ll just keep them at 16/8 and they’ll get plenty of light, maybe even an extra 30 minutes through twilight.
I’d love to take pics and show the progress but I’ve heard pics with iPhones are bad idea? Not sure if that’s a thing lol

I do have another question that’s off topic:
Like I said above, these are clones, started indoors under 4’ 8 bulb t5, 16/8. They’re in a personal mix of 50% promix bx, 25% coco, 25% perlite. Last week they graduated from 1/2 gal milk jugs to 2 gal black plastic pots with a good dose of mycorrhiza powder in each hole. End goal is moving them outdoor into smart pots between 10-20 gal. Have 20’s from last year but the plants didn’t have a chance to utilize the full size of the pot and only really filled 1/3 + with root mass (mainly the bottom) so thinking of dropping down to 10 or 15’s.
Clones have 6+ alternating nodes, and my question is: when should I top these mommas? (Transplanted last week, 6+ alternating nodes) don’t want to do it too early or late, also don’t want to over stress them by topping so soon after transplant. They didn’t skip a beat, they actually when crazy, tripling in size in the past 7 days.


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I would top 2 weeks after transplant.

Go into settings on your iPhone:
Then to privacy:
Then to location services,
Then click on camera,
Choose never.


Cool, thanks for the info