Question about leaving plant in darkness for 48 hours

Hey guys so I’m in a little bit of a dilemma. I have two plants going right now one is a sour hulk the other is gorilla glue now both are in 7 weeks of flowering however the sour has matured way faster than the gorilla glue and while the sour hulk probably needs a max at the most left in flowering the GG will need the full 10. Usually I would just go ahead and leave the sour plant in the tent with the lights off no problem but since this can’t happen where else can I possibly put her? I’m open for any suggestions I don’t want to keep her flowering for much longer because of how the trichomes look I feel I would be doing more harm than good.


I use a closet.


It’s 2 days, just turn the lights off with the GG inside. It will be fine.

The real issue comes when you want to dry it.
I would suggest a wedryer XL for your situation


Spare bathroom
Storage space
Refrigerator box
RV or van with windows covered
Garage with windows covered up
Running out of ideas


@Mr_Wormwood You forgot hollowed out core of asteroid which has the advantage of weightlessness so dry trimming easier. Transport is a bear though. :sunglasses: :nerd_face:

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I’d like that if I still had :heart: