Question about hydroponics-refilling the bucket

From a fellow grower: Simple question here. I’m hydroponically growing with 5 gallon buckets.
With plant basket placed on top of bucket, the maximum water level equals 3 1/2 gallons.
Question: Should I always refill the bucket back to 3 1/2 gallons everyday. The roots are massive at this point and touching the bottom of the 5 gallon bucket. So wondering if it’s okay to let the water level drop down some. Or will this hurt the roots that are not submerged?


It would be best if you could keep the water level about 1.5 - 2” below the net pot. During flower it’s gonna be difficult when they are drinking 1+ gal a day.
Will it hurt them to drop down some? Probably not so much. Good luck! :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:


I check my bucket everyotger say or every3 days. I usually have to add 2 to 2.t gallons of nute water back to her evsry 2 to 3 days. As long as they dont get total dryness for a long time they will do fine. Speaking of havnt checked mine in 4 days now. She might be kinda empty lol


If you let it drop solution level, keep an eye on pH. When I’m in flower I add a gallon to my five gallon bucket about same time each day. It’s okay for the roots feel the air.


@HappyHydroGrower can you advise on what age to move a girl from the aero garden to the 5 gall bucket? As soon as her roots are long enough to touch the water in the big net pot? OR something else to look for? TiA for sharing your wisdom.

When the roots are filling the bucket, it’s drinking so much that water level changes are just part of the process. I always tried to not let it get lower than around 50% or so.

I would recommend if not already on a schedule, to do a complete dump before filling once in a while though, or the nutes in the bucket solution will get out of balance from all the heavy top-ups.

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Every other day I top mine back off with water and h202 and ph 5.8 before adding to each individual 5 gallon bucket. Once a week they get full bucket changes with that week’s nutrient schedule.