Question about flushing

A question of a fellow grower:
My plants are in the 8th week of flower. In the 7th week I gave them Final Phase twice - 2ml per liter, as recommended. Two days ago I gave them a big flush with just H2O and the PPM’s are still around 2000 PPM. And the soil is still quite wet.

I have some plants that should be ready end of week 8…ish. Some for week 9 and the rest week 10.

I want all of them to be ‘cleaned’ by harvest. How can I achieve this? Can I give them another big flush (1 gallon per plant) of H2O even though they are still wet? Should I use Final Phase or another flushing agent again?

When you flush, you are supposed to use 3 gallons per every gallon of pot size. Ie, 3gal pot, 9gal water. If checking ppm, test ppm of water first then try to get run off around there

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Do we have pics of plants to examine pistils and trichs?