Need some info on flushing please

Do i need to wait until my medium is dry before flushing again at end of harvest? I have some girls ready to harvest but i dont think ive flushed my medium enough. So can i flush day after day to speed it up or am i risking mold or other issues?

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I would just harvest them if they are ready if they were my plants. I haven’t noticed any difference between buds from plants I have flushed and those I haven’t. Read a study recently that found similar findings. In any event if you have successfully flushed your medium you wouldn’t be accomplishing anything by running more water through it. Did you test runoff ppm on the last bit of the flush to come out?

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no @Eagles009 i was gona check next flush. I ran one flush with flawless and thats it so far

Kinda depends on what medium. If you are in soil you could drown plant but in coco or peat you can (and should) water daily. I monitor runoff TDS when flushing ahead of harvest and try to get TDS down below 300 ppm in soil and 100 or less in media or hydro.


im in hpcc @Myfriendis410 i feed/water every few days im supposed to every day?

Yeah; when they’re little you only water enough for their needs. Once canopy can handle it you always water to runoff. Coco and peat become hydrophilic when dried out so next time you water; nutes run right through.

Yes @Myfriendis410 i have noticed the hydrophobic issue. I water slow and gentle away from edge of pot and when water starts to take then i pour a lil heavier. Then i always check weight to make sure it keepin water. i also always water to runoff. My question is how frequent should i be watering/feeding? Daily. Because i water/feed every couple days not every day.

If the media remains damp you’re good. If that’s 3 days you should be fine.

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