Question about feminised seed

I was wondering…
in the process of creating feminised seed forcing to turn a female plant hermie with coloidal silver… The pollen taken from that hermie…

is it used on that same plant or would it better to Polinate a plant that hasn’t been turned hermie?

Is the hermie only local, where the coloidal silver is applied?

how many generations can i feminise seeds, from a non feminised plant?


IDK but @Hellraiser @repins12 are both working with the process now I think
Interested as well


It is used to pollinate another plant. Helps stiffen up the genetics and reduces the herm trait from carrying on.


I would use the pollen to pollinate another plant or clone. Going to start up a journal shortly that covers this.


Ive heard u can do either way but it is better to do as collecting and pollinating another plant as the pollen usually forms later than the pistils and the seeds usually wont be done if u let them self pollinate. U r better getting pistils when they r fresh white clear look. Im so intrested in this also. Have 70ppm collodial ready to go brand new bottle lol.


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