Question about amount of pots/m2 with autoflowering strain


I am trying to find the right autoflowering strain for me. I have been reading the last weeks about different strains but I cant find which one that will result in big yield. I am thinking of growing in a space that is 1,25m x 1,25m with one HPS 600w lamp. I would like to know if it would be possible to have 16 pots a 18 litre on this area and fulfil a good grow.
What would you recommend for that space? To put fewer pots and let them grow big with space or to have more plants that are tighter one to another? The goal is to get as much yield as possible. Thank you in advance.

Autoflower plants do not get real big; So you could do as you plan; Provided the space will allow 16 pots inside. If you want an big yield; Toy need to grow feminized seeds, or regular seeds.

If you did grow from seed in that space with regular seeds, you couldplace 4-6 plants in that space; Depending on the strain and genetics.