Quart size cure bags

How much dry weed does a quart size grove bag actually hold?

They sell all their bags by the weight. like they have a 1/4 pound bag an ounce bag an quarter and so on

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About a quart…:laughing:


I put an ounce in quart mason jars. A bag should not be different. A quart by volume is still a quart by volume regardless of the container makeup.

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@Fieldofdreams I put 2 pints in mine :upside_down_face:


A quarter pound in 113+ grams. I easily put 140 grams in a 1/4 bag. It depends on the size of the bud. If I want the large buds to stay pristine, I’m closer to 120. On the other end, one plant produced rock solid but smaller buds and 180 grams fit without crushing them.
You don’t need to be concerned with the bags being undersized.
The once bags I am usually around 30 - 40 grams. 28.5 grams being an ounce.


I asked this question because the description of the quart bag said it would hold 1-1.5 ounces. That isn’t much for a bag that is supposed to hold a quart.

So are you saying I can cram 32 ounces of weed in a quart bag? Where I come from a quart container of any kind (glass or plastic) holds 32 ounces. I can get three quart size bags for $7.99. If they only hold an ounce or so, I’m going to need a lot of them.

Midwestguy said exactly what I was going to say. I store 1 ounce in 1 quart jars.
Remember that is harvested dry buds. If you ground it up first you might get 2 ounces in it since it fills in the space better. But we dont generally grind it up until we want to use it to preserve the terpene profile.
Depending on the density of the buds you could get 1.5 ounces in it. but thats only because the buds themselves are denser. Dont confuse liquid measure with dry measure.

That makes sense. I would imagine a quart bag would hold 32 ounces of liquid, but not 32 ounces of weed. I just wanted a second opinion.

Nah I was clearly joking. An ounce of weed is obviously not the same size as a liquid ounce.

I’m only going by what I saw in the bag description. I would imagine a bag that holds 32 ounces (or a glass jar for that matter) would have to be pretty damn big. So which is more? Thirty two ounces of water or thirty two ounces of weed. A ton of bricks or a ton of feathers. This is a serious issue for me since my budget is so tight. I’m looking at about $40 per pound in grove bags.

Theres a lot of options. You just need to dive in and start growing. Your troubling yourself with an over abundance information.

You’ll work it out as you go.

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Fieldofdreams lol

We can thank the english language for using the same word for two completly different things.
I found this quote that may help…

Are fluid ounces the same as ounces?

While ounces and fluid ounces share a similar name and both represent units of measurement, they are quite different. Each represents a different system of measurement: one measuring weight, the other measuring volume. Ounces are a unit used to measure weight. Fluid ounces measure volume

And the problem is the word “Fluid” is seldom attached when used on things like jars or bags.

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Thanks for the info. I am probably overthinking things. This is my first serious grow in 38 years and I am apprehensive about everything. While I am thrilled that cultivation is actually legal here in Virginia I am almost worried over what can go wrong. I have a lot to lose. I’m trying to prepare for the grow and the harvest. I have digested a lot of information and I am still seeking second, third and fourth opinions. :wink:


If you’re gonna start with 4 plants outdoors all you have to lose is 4 seeds. And if it happens then you do what we all do-drop more beans.


I’m sure this may sound quite anal, but a loss of four seeds is a loss of $29.80 for me. While that may not seem like a lot, time is the greater loss. Depending on the time of the growing season I may mot be able to just drop four more “beans” in the ground. Seeds is not all I have invested here. So far I have spent $485.00 on seeds and equipment. I have more items to buy such as grow medium, hygrometers, PH meter etc. That is why I am trying to choose inexpensive cure containers. Mason jars seem to be the best buy, but I don’t want to have to spend a lot of time burping. I talk about money a lot because I have little to work with. I am retired on a fixed income. Losing four plants is a potential loss of up to four pounds of weed. Brother, that ain’t beans. :wink:

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actually it is right on the $$. I put 70 - 80 grams in a 1/2 gallon jar. 30 - 40 grams in a quart. A good reason I don’t use quart jars. I have a few 1 gallon with 150g.

Regarding growing outdoors.
I’ve only tried it once with a couple autos. I grew them in 5 gallon fabric pots. They did great until mid July. Caterpillars destroyed the three plants. To me the risk of something going wrong outside is 100X more than in a controlled environment.
With that said, if you have a plan to deal with weather, water, humidity, bugs, pests, critters etc, plenty of growers have great success and nice crops thanks to the sun.

Here’s a plan. Plant 1 seed now to play with inside. Take as many free clones as you want off of her while you learn and then plant an entire garden for free this summer. Now you’re down to $7.45. Plant direct into the earth and they’ll grow as big as the Gods allow lol. (And keep your Mother plant alive indefinitely indoors under a 18/6 light schedule.

Upfront costs dissipate after this grow or 2….

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