QB132s that can be in a 2’x 2 1/2’ tent

Wanting to replace my T5s”to much heat”with QB132s. Have read a lot of info but all seems to be 4 or8 boards.I only have a2x2 1/2 tent for veg only.I think that is only big enough for 2 boards,not sure on size of boards ,I think 2 QB 132s can be run well by an HLG-120H-36A not sure about series or parallel,or if I can get 3 QB132s in my tent any help would be greatly appreciated

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Welcome to the forum. Tag, you’re it @dbrn32.
He is the resident Light Guru. He can get you sorted out real fast. He maybe asleep right now.

Yeah a little late but I will check back tomorrow

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Oh he will respond. He is awesome about that. :+1:

I have a hlg 135 kit from hlg in the exact same footprint and it is awesome it’s a coat closet and is pleanty of light and that’s the exact coverage the website says it’s good for I think 2 will be to much happy growing


Same here. I had a 135 in a 30"x30" that worked great.


Thanks for the input what driver did you use for 1 panel

Is that a 135 watt qb288 just concerned about the heat I know the qb132 does not require heat sink

It is a 288 board on a 120h-54a driver. Now I use 4-120s with no heatsink on a 240-c2100a. My driver is outside the tent for heat reduction.

I had a qb288 135w kit in a 2x2 and the difference between lights on and lights off was 9 degrees with the driver in the tent. It was 5 degrees difference with the driver outside of the tent.

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Thank you,in what size tent

Thanks Bobbydigital I thought about Driver outside of the tent but I was concerned about the heat sink for the light inside the tent

It’s in a 4x4. The 135 kit was in 30"x30" I think you’d need two 120s with no heatsink to flower your 2x2 @dbrn32 is that right?

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It’s 179 for the kit directly from hlg for the 135 v2 rspec. My heatsink on my kit didn’t get hot. I thought the heatsink was to disapate heat so the board didn’t burn up or warp.

If you’re just running veg, you won’t even need to run the driver but about 1/2 - 3/4 power. You won’t have much heat on the sink. Especially if you’re running an exhaust fan.


Also the qb288 v1 kit is on sale for like $129

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Last I seen they were only available in 4 pack, can you get 2 boards?


You can if you order all four and send me the extra two…


Ya, no kidding!

This space sounds perfect for a build with 560mm strips.


Can’t you run like 5 strips on a 240-2100? Or is that overkill, strike that, over preparation for 2x2 1/2?

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