Purpose Built shed 2017

Starting a new Journal to go with the 3rd space in my new house this is a continuation on my from the ground up thread.
I should be getting lumber delivered today to build a 10’x16’ shed this shed will contain a 6’x9’ room in which I will be building 3 grow spaces. Since I am not using an existing space but building one some may find it interesting as an alternative to growing inside their house. Materials and delivery came out to $1446.33 but this will not be your average back yard garden shed at nearly twice the size of most pre-fab kits of similar price. Since this is going to be on skids it is classed as a mobile structure but each State or country may have different rules regarding requirements and permits in my case none are required :slight_smile:


Very cool…
In my state permits are required for everything, however I live so far in the mountains and on road so bad, that I rebuilt an old cabin to 4,000 sq feet home with no permits at all…lol
Its a luxurious " nonconforming " barn…
Good luck on your project


The advantages to this are it is no longer in my house and can be located anywhere in my yard so even if it were to catch fire only minimal loss any humidity damage or other fun side effects of growing in improvised space can be negated with no damage to drywall paint etc. Being experienced in framing and construction is a plus but not a must many shed plans are free online and so long as you can run a saw and swing a hammer you may find building your own as enjoyable as growing your own :wink:
If you have a legal grow this can also help decrease heating and cooling bills I will attempt to take pictures as I build but I am far from a how to novelist so don’t think this is going to be a step by step guide just a seed for thoughts and idea’s to develop if some one is so inclined.
For me it was a surprise insurance inspection which woke me to several realisations as to how easily a grow can be noticed in my house by any company. It resulted in me moving entire grow to unheated detached garage far from ideal in Northern climate and the said building is falling apart was on my list to tear down this summer so no amount of duct tape was going to help. Has been constant battle to control temps so this shed will be over built insulated and built with long term growing in mind no need for windows and a good storage space even if I stop growing in the future.
I hope some of this thread is useful to others too


Just got confirmation call for my delivery so within the next 2hr’s wood will be in my yard :smiling_imp: Guess I better brace for the cold only 12f so not that bad have to move my truck and misses car dig out my lazer level mark location then put up my lines or cheat and level floor after it’s framed :wink:


Yeah I hear you, I got many different buildings and sheds all over our homesteade, always building something, here is a pick of our battery house and solar as an example…


Making headway joists cut studs cut taking a food break than back outside I go want atleast one wall standing by end of day forgot home much time can be lost framing without a helper. Now have piles of lumber sorted and piled but all has to go into fence yet but that’s after I have floor built I better get back at it suns starting to get lower and will only get colder if I’m not busy.


Good luck, happy building !!!

Done for the day sun is going down temps are dropping and honesty I’m burnt I’ll run through some of it and post some pics

Started day with 2 pallets to sort since of course the wood I needed to start was at bottom of pile

Since I had to sort and move I set up a jig and cut my studs top pile then floor joists other side of fence. Followed by a quick drop in lunch then framed up my floor

and finished the plywood by hand since I forgot to grab 2" nails for my air nailer

stopped with 1 side wall ready to stand if weather and my stubborn nature holds will have remaining walls framed and up tomorrow with a start on my ceiling joists


The One lady I harvested earlier this week came out to 2.8oz and is starting it’s cure now figure 2.5 by the time they are finished cure was a good yield for a 8" tall plant lmao


A fine harvest for such a small plant. I’m glad I found this early on. I’m loving that you’re showing the progress.

I think it’s a supply house rule that they stack what you need first on the bottom. It never fails…


Well make sure not to blink buddy because I work fast used to changing and adjusting on the fly reason I do 90% of the carpentry for my roofing company not scared to swing a hammer lmao.

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Hey @Ragnar I am very interested in building my own alternative energy source. I am debating on a water wheel or solar panels. I use about 2kw a day. My biggest problem is not understanding how to convert my 12v or 24v whatever I decide on going with into 110v. From what research I have done it seems pretty simple to do with inverters I’m just not sure how big of a system that I will need to run to get my 2kw usage. The cost of both will be great as the solar panels themselves are not cheap and the cost of the battery bank. I don’t have running water or stream so what im think is I do have a fresh water spring I’m thinking about digging out into a holding pond to make an artificial stream to power a water wheel hooked up to a car alternator. Do you think this would be enough to keep the batteries charged. I would also be very interested in hearing more and seeing more pics of your set up that you have going. For example everything from the solar panels to your house hook up breaker box or whatever and everything in between lol. I have done loads of contract work building and electric work. It is my dream to get away from having to pay an electric bill every month when I know there’s an easy way to get away from them.


Water wheel hooked to alternator should be able to generate the power you are talking about…
I have in my old diesel truck F250 inverter installed to convert 12 volts to 120 V when I need it when I go to mountains to prospect…it runs coffee maker, DVD player and TV or refrigerator… Easily !

But the house is 100 % solar, pretty heavy duty 48 volts system we have 120 V and 220 V…can run pretty much anything on sunny day…

I can send you some pics if you like…

Good luck


Doing awesome, I could use your help when I was building our homestead…
Great work man !

Getting morning coffee into me checking weather and bracing myself for the cold snowed a skiff lastnight nothing major around 14f again this morning but should warm up some yet and not too bad out in the sun. I do have one bonus I am not waiting on lumber to get here today so will have extra couple of hours to work.


I can send you some pictures if you like, but I don’t want to " pollute "
someone’s else thread…


Don’t over worry about poluting my thread the start of it has very little to do with growing I am building a shed to grow in yes but still building a shed lmao


Yeah, you are on a project, same as I…all the time …lol

The -17c wind chill is not improving my spirits or motivation much means I have to frame an end wall first before standing side wall so the wind doesn’t give me grief


That’s awesome I have to admit I’m a little bit jealous you are living my dream. It will be a while before I can save the funds to get started on thus project maybe a year or so down the road just planning ahead and looking at all the options I have. Thanks for your info!