Purple kush but she's getting these yellow spots on her what is it

Hey name is javii I need help with my plant I just started growing I have what I believe is purple kush but she’s getting these yellow spots on her what is it I’m going to provide a picture

Wait for one of the experts to reply I can also see purple stems which is also a issue.

So for her to be purple now isn’t good correct ?

Purple stems and spots on the leaves could be from a nutrient deficiency,or maybe a toxicity, very likely due to a pH that is out of range, or maybe nutrient salts that are building up to toxic levels and/or contributing to the other deficiencies/lockouts.

Check out the support ticket to help us help you:


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I never understood how to ph water and to check all those levels what can I do the plants are ph no nutes yet it’s organic soil I’m using cfls

Robert’s youtube on testing soil:

Robert’s blog on testing soil:

Check them out and if you have any more questions, be sure to ask an I will answer and help you figure anything out you are still unsure about.


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By the way, over-watering can also cause nutrient deficiency symptoms to appear in the leaves as well as the purple stems. Over-watering in and of itself can contribute or even cause both nutrient deficiencies as well as contributing to a bad pH in soil that otherwise would be in a proper pH range.


How do I feed my plants how many times a week the schedules the humidity I need to know it all

Download the free book and check out the free guides, there is no single one way to grow, you need to find out what will work best for you and your plant’s environment.

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I have just ordered a PH & TDS meters, I have a moisture meter I use

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I’m still blah about this ph soil thing can it be explained easier step by step I don’t like videos too much

I already gave the link to the written blog as well near the video.

What I want to know is when I ph my soil what ph am I looking for and it’s high or low how can fix that I got my ph meter but I can’t calibrate it because I didn’t know I needed a solution plz help

The ideal pH is about 6.5 in soil and 5.8 in hydro.

You can adjust pH with different methods.


She’s still turning yellow how can I stop this without ph

if anything what’s auto flower I want to know what is best suitable for me I don’t want to keep killing plants I want to know what strain is good for anxiety as well sour ain’t doing it for me it’s making the anxiety worst

Sorry, there is absolutely no way to keep your plants healthy and alive in a bad pH or with the wrong nutrients, or too strong of nutrients. Knowing your pH and EC/TDS/PPM is paramount for a trouble free grow.

Invest in pH test strips, pH test drops or a digital meter, they are not that expensive and will hep insure you do not waste money on killing expensive seeds or clones. Get a TDS meter, they are even less expensive and require less maintenance than the pH meters. The test strips and drops are very reliable and very easy to use to test your pH.

You can get away without having to test if you use a very mild nutrient mix that is pH balanced and are using a good soil that is also already pH balanced. But even with nutrient systems that claim to not need a pH or concentration of nutrients reading, if you do run into a problem, knowing those things will really help at least confirm or rule out those being part of the problem.


I’m going 2marrow to see if I can get ph soil already and then hopefully this won’t happen

How are you watering it? You might need more than just a pH balanced and buffered soil.

You need to know the pH of even just the plain water you are giving it. What type of water are you giving it?
And you need to be careful not to over water it. Your best bet is probably distilled water from a grocery store. Not spring water, it should be distilled or R/O and nearly zero ppm water with a neutral pH.

Have you downloaded and read the free book? You have to have a general and larger overall idea of what it will take to have a successful grow.


I’m not giving it plain water it’s faucet water but before I feed it water I leave the water out for 24 hours then what I do is use ph up and down I cam get them out the ground quick and have a nice start but I can’t keep them up there I have organic soil but it doesn’t say what it has inside the percentages or even the ph

My other plant has the yellow too but not all over like the other one