Purple fan leaf stems

Hi all…can someone tell me what purple stems on fan leaves indicates if anything. My Bruce Banner photo is doing good but the fan leave stems are very purple. Shes the one in back at about 70 days from sprout. Week 2 of flower.
Soil FFOF grow, indoor 3x3 tent space, Hlg 240 L E D. 480w draw, 5 g cloth pots, FF Trio nutes only fed twice, exhaust fan, intake fans.

Just curious about the purple stems, i thought i saw something about what that might mean for the plant but i cant find it. I know somebody here knows about this.


Are you using LED lighting? I had/have this same issue and that’s what I was told is the cause. I don’t think you should worry about it and it creates a very elegant look towards the end of flower when the leaves start dying off

Yeah mates it’s normal, Bruce has a fair bit of purple going on .My Bruce done last months

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