Purple cow indicanja

With this soil does anyone use feed nutes with it?


This appears to be a living soil. I’m gonna tag @MeEasy maybe he can help ya out. Ut hot the search option and search living soils and see what u can find there. Hopefully someone will chime in. @MattyBear @Myfriendis410 any ideas on feeding this soil at all.

Thanks for the tag @Mark0427 , hi @Gronasbros , i am not familiar with this soil but a quick search gave me this… :point_down: copy paste from their website :point_down: says there’s no need to add anything other than water from start to harvest, personally I would have something to make some teas for a little extra during flower… like one or more of these, compost, :poop:, boogie tea, etc

Copy paste :point_down:
Purple Cow IndiCanja is a scientifically formulated and tested organic fertilizing package that contains the necessary minerals, nutrients, fertility and biology for all stages of plant growth from young seedlings in a vegetative phase through transplanting, budding and flowering and the final hardening phase. IndiCanja was developed by a grower, for growers to be “ready-to-use” requiring no further inputs


I’ve used it and I didn’t have to feed. It’s a fine soil. A little hot and definitely use cal mag.


Thanks just what i needed to know