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Hello everyone,
I found this site while trying to help a friend who needs MaryJane as a primary medicine. I live in a dry state but she is about a half hour away in a legal state, so we decided to try ILGM.
I got her the Bubblegum Autos and made her a pretty cool grow spot in a corner of her house, (kinda proud of myself.)
Anyways, I started 3 in a dish with a papertowel, and they were ready to plant 72 hours later. We lost 1 early due to my n00bism, but the 2 she still has are doing great, so we think anyways. 1 is doing better than the other though.
They are 7 weeks of age. Here’s the picts.
Thank you all for the help given, it is crazy that I can’t do this on my property, but just a few miles away she can. Oh well, it could be worse. Free the Weed! :slight_smile:


So far lookin good, as a noob you do know how long to run your lighting for correct, would hate for you not to get full potential out of them

good start

Course i mean for non autos that is, just seen you were running autos

Thank you,
Here’s today’s pictures. We’ll call them Sally and Sue. Sally on the left, Sue the right. Sally has started flowering as you can see and she is also 6" taller, but Sue is a little bushier. She has the fuzz on the top so I’m sure she’s just a little difficult as girls can be. Ha!
Does everything seem ok for these auto’s? They are 7 weeks from the day we put them in their pots. Still not sure when exactly the auto’s will be complete. Do they look too bushy? I am wondering if there are too many leaves? I personally like to let a plant just grow, they always know what to do.
Thanks for the help.


Autos are touchy so most just let them do what they do, they don’t take well to stress, from what i can see they are in good shape

Thankyou Josh, any thoughts on the differences between the two? With them being autos, Sally is filling out before Sue, we’re at a mental block on how to deal with it. Maybe Sue will just have an extra week or something? Bubblegum autos are said to be ready about 8-9 weeks but I think it looks more like 11.
Any thoughts?
Thanks everyone.

They all grow at there own rate, just like kids. Not all 5year old r same height, weight etc. They look happy

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I agree with @Liljoe


Hello forums, here’s the update on the girls.
They are now going into the 9th week and they are living well. She has been taking good care of them. Sue has hit her growth spurt and is now the same height as Sally. The light was raised and they have stopped growing, so it seems. My friend only gets about 6 hours sleep nightly, so she keeps the lighting on her personal schedule. I thought that was cool, and it keeps her closer to the growing process.
The buds are coming along nicely. I don’t have the great camera so I try to get the best pictures I can for you to see the growth of these autos.
Sally has many stalks that may very well need to be tied so they don’t fall and break, (hoping) and Sue’s top is getting fat and bushy. So far, so good.
I don’t think these will be ready in the 10 weeks, more like 12, but as I see, these are just estimated times. All good to me.

Any input or ideas?
Thanks. Free the Weed!

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You need more light… plants are spindly and stretching… :wink:
They look healthy tho… for vegg … but not enough light for flowering… :wink:


I do need help on lighting cycle for autoflower. I’m new and have seeds coming but unsure if I follow the 18 on 6 off cycle or…

Goodmorning peachfuzz,
Thanks for the reply. The pictures you see are the only way I can get something you can see. I turn off the over head halogens and open up the walls/enclosure I put up. Otherwise all you would see it a bright light. LOL.
The main stem on the girls are 3/4" thick, but the sides are just under a 1/4".
They seem very steady and healthy. I’ll keep an eye on them.

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These girls have lived off of 6 hours sleep their entire life cycle. I’m new to the autos, but so far I am happy with them.

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Hi forum,
It’s week 12 and I was able to get some pictures of the girls and their progress. They aren’t ready yet but I think after this last feed, we’ll do a flush. The pestals are still clear but they are everywhere, and most of the buds are starting to show brown hairs. The lower branches are still snowy white cotton tops.


These autos can put up with more than I think they get credit for. These girls have been growing in a quick set room with the basics of necessities and here they are. They don’t look the best, but they truly don’t look bad. They are tall and skinny and a little top heavy, but that’s becuase we’re still learning.
Like always, I don’t have the best pictures, but you can see them.
Happy New Year. :slight_smile:

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Nice looking ladies!! Make sure you use a loupe to look at trics colors on buds (not sugar leaves) to determine when to harvest. Have you seen the tric color harvestimg guide?

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I don’t have one of those loupes/jewlers eyes. :slight_smile: I use the magnifieing glass on my Swiss Army. I ordered one from amazon, but it got lost in the mail and had to be cancelled. Ha!
Also question, What if the tops are ready but those bottoms aren’t, do I just crop what’s ready and hope for the best on the rest?
Thanks for the info NOOBIE

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Yes, you can harvest as needed without ill effects.

Harvesting part of the plant and leaving the lower parts to finish will usually increase your yields. Did you say you’re using halogen lights? I see the LED above both but can’t see any other lights. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t believe halogen lighs provide any useful light for photosynthesis.

Hello, The halogens are for the room itself. What you are seeing now is the enclosure open for the snapshots and questions. The LED’s grew them.
Thanks for the reply.