Purified Water Ph

Whats the Ph for purified water such as the purified bottled water? Does it need treating?
Does it have a ppm, i dont think so, just asking for a friend…

Thank you guys in advance

I ph my purified water if needed, 6.5 if your in soil, beautiful pup in pic

If you have to adjust, add very little ph up or down , it doesn’t take much, and if u goto far you can’t use the other to bring it back up or down

I ordered a ph and TDS meter. Should be in soon.
@Tinman Ty man. Yea he’s a American bully. He’s a mess


Gotcha, and ty

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I’ve owned and bread pitbulls for over 15 years , love the breed, have my first American bully 2 years old now

That one there is going on 6 months now. We have a female to breed with him. She is around a year and a half.
We also have cane-corsos. Thing with these you shouldn’t breed them until they’re around 18 months

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@Tinman their beautiful.
How do you upload photos on here from your phone? I see you can take a photo and upload it

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If your using plain R/O water then there is no need to PH it. Because r/o water has zero ppm’s.

The water will instantly take shape of the medium it gets poured into. And chances are the ph reading that you get from the water is wrong anyways. Water has to have a few ppm’s for it to be able to be stable enough to read. After you put nutrients in it then it would be necessary to adjust the ph.


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@Tinman this is my female.
I don’t have the one feature with the red arrow


Ty @imSICKkid
I have ph and TDS meter ordered. I’m sure I will be hitting you up with help on them in the near future. I saw your grow man and it is awesome!!
I’m looking to buy me a led budget kit for a 4x4 room.
Any ideas that won’t rape my pockets?

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The red arrow is tablet ,yellow is phone

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Depends on what you consider raping your pockets lol seriously though…what’s your budget?

One or the other has their hand in your pocket: either the LED supplier for decent lights or the Utility Company with higher electrical costs…I kinda prefer the ‘One and Done’ over a hand in my pocket forever.


@imSICKkid $300 I would say. The end product is for my own personal use

@Myfriendis410 that’s so true

That’s a little low for a 4x4 area. I would look at getting 4 of the QB288 v1 or v2 boards. And if you have to buy a little at a time then do it that way.

@imSICKkid what about this? What’s the v1 v2 and v3 mean? These type of lights are new to me.
15 years ago we all used the mh and hps lights but I’m noticing “I think” these new leds use way less power correct or incorrect?

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