Pump up the jams?

Hey all, noob question here… can I turn up the watts on my 600w mh/hps Vivosun lamp with digital ballast? It’s on 250 with the mh bulb in now and I want to turn it up. Can I do it while it’s on or does it have to be off? My dark period is when I’m not home… would you go to 400 or 600? Thanks, Pin

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I don’t have experience to answer this question anyone care to help?

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Found the answer. You can turn them up or down while on but need to give a few minutes between settings for the ballast to adjust. I also found out that a HID light when being run at less than it’s expected wattage may be throwing a different light spectrum than intended


Yeah I’m an led guy for obvious reasons

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Maybe not so much with MH but HPS I think is more sensitive to that. Turning up the light is kind of based on how much canopy coverage you have and height above it.