Pruning outdoor plants (should I do it ?)

I have one Indica plant growing outdoors. I started it inside and transplanted it about three weeks ago into the ground. It really took off when I put it outside. My question is , do I need to prune it ? I finned the plant about a week after I moved it, and it has new branches popping out everywhere. She is getting very bushy near the bottom, should I do any pruning ? or just let her grow ? I also have concerns about my girl freezing before she is ready for harvest, I am in Vermont and the temps will sometimes get down into the 30’s at night in early Oct. I would love to hear from other growers from the north country with any pointers . I would hate to loose my lady to the cold after all the care, and attention, I have given her.

At least two solid months before oct freezes.

Might consider trimming small branches and leaflets on lower branches. They won’t produce any buds worthwhile…and…the plant will better use resources to make flower.

As tanlover442 said, you can trim the lowest fan leaves. I let them all remain for veg as long as they’re green and healthy unless they come in contact with the ground. I do start “clearing” the lowest gradually through flower.

You should try some lst, or supercropping in the next few weeks before flowering begins. It’ll open the plant up and allow some of the lower buds to develop.

As for the cold. If there’s a frost warning a sheet over the plant will help for the night. Something lightweight, not your 600tpi Egyptian cotton. Being planted in the ground will protect the root system from brief cold, you just want to keep ice from forming on the leaves & buds.

I’m hoping for an extended warm fall like year.

@Drinkslinger , Thanks for the tips. I am starting to see the first signs of flowering. I think my veg is so close to the ground because I transferred them to the outdoors from my tent in the Fox Farm soil. Some of the branches growing up from the bottom are fairly substantial. But I would like to see the top thicken a little. Now that she is showing signs of flowering, I’m assuming she won’t produce many more new branches. The plant looks really healthy. I have been trying to post a picture, but so far my phone is winning that battle. Will post one shorty.

Well , what do you think ? @Drinkslinger @tanlover442@HornHead

@Pat2------wouldn’t hurt to LIGHTLY use some bloom additive. Try 20-% or less of mfg’s suggested dose. Can always add a little more.
Don’t think trimming would change much

I’ve been giving them Fox Farm BIG BLOOM and GROW BIG, a little farther into flower I plan on adding TIGER BLOOM.

I have done this with my indoor plants with great success so far.

She’s probably showing pre flowers because you went from a 18/6 (I’m assuming you do 18/6 indoors) light schedule indoors to around 15/9 outside. I wouldn’t start with the bloom nutes just yet. I think mid august the hours of daylight hit 14, that’s when my outdoor grows start showing signs of flowering.
I’d gently bend the longest branches down a bit, use some string and stakes, maybe you can get her to develop a few more bud sights👍

Here’s the fox farm nute schedule in case you don’t have it.

I found the open sesame, beastie bloomz and cha ching really made a difference. I also used 1/4tbspn/gal of unsulphered mollases in the flowering nutes.

@Drinkslinger, Thanks, I do have that feeding schedule. So you feel its worth it buy those three products, I am in the 4th wk of flowering, I would need to start the open sesame like two weeks ago by that schedule. Thanks again, I’ll check it out.

If you plan on continuing with fox farm nutes I recommend buying them. They go a long way too.

Keep in mind I only grow in containers, (indoors and outdoors). I haven’t ever tried growing in the ground. There’s not enough sun in my yard to try it.

Also. You need to follow the fox farms flush schedule. Not necessarily buying sledgehammer, but it’s imperative you flush at least as often as they recommend

Yeah, I was thinking more about using it on my indoor plants

Indoor plants will love it. You can always finish this grow without them, and decide if you want to step it up for the next grow.

Yes, I will have to. I was just looking at the price. It’s not a lot, but not in the budget right now.