Prune autoflower, harvesting etc

Questions from a fellow grower:

I have a couple of questions.
1- I have just planted 4 WW Auto. When they sprout how do you prune them to produce multiple stems or branches?

2 - How do you know when to harvest the buds and what is the proper procedure for drying and curing? Look forward to hearing from you. WBB

I love pruning. On indoors i just top it . I dont mess to much with autoflower. And i dont have a lot of time with af plants .

Stating the obvious, have you tried Bergman’s Grow Bible?! :wink:

As far as topping and pruning, most people say NO on autoflowers. I did read one article though, that said if you ARE going to top an auto, you need to do it at Week 2, or as soon as you can before Week 3. Because they’ve only got 2-3 weeks of veg after that.

Instead of topping an auto, you might try LST (low stress training), which is basically just “bending” the plant to keep it horizontal, and produces more bud spots. This is a WW auto I’m growing now at 2 weeks:

Here’s another WW in the same tent that’s 4 weeks old. It’s planted in the center of the pot, but the stalk grows near horizontal, down, then bent around to the right, and now I’m bending it toward the top. I’ll just keep circling it around the bucket until it starts to bloom. I’ve already got 8 unique bud spots started, in addition to the main stalk top:

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