Pros and cons about harvesting?

So yesterday I checked my buds with my new magnifying glass and I’m sitting at about 3% amber and the rest milky. My question is what are peoples preferred ratio for amber trics to milky ones? What are the pros and cons about harvesting at each percentage? I don’t mind “couch-lock” or energetic high. I just want my flowers to taste good and not make me hack a lung. Thanks for your input and I wish everyone a happy harvest


The Taste and the smoothness has to do with both growing and curing methods

When to harvest is something completely separate in my opinion

If you harvested now for example you would have a more energetic type of Buzz

The negative is that some people don’t like this speedy effect and sometimes it causes a paranoid buzz too

Some people let it go to 50% or more Amber in my opinion this degrades the THC and you’ve basically grown sleep medicine, which can be a very good thing at times

…many people harvest at around 20% Amber, they feel that’s the best time to harvest for a more psychedelic High


Thanks. Yea well for my cureing process I plan on hanging for 10 days then putting in jars to be burped periodically. I’ve noticed in this process the nugs harden quite nicely. So @Paranorman when is your preferred ratio of I may ask?

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your ready to cut those girls tricomes get to amber could take away from it Paranorman has got it right :sunglasses:

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if it were my harvest…right now is when I would start the 10 day cleansing period for the watering…the “flush”… nothing but water for the next 10 days, then harvest as long as there was at least around 25% amber trichs… 10 days of pure water followed by 48 hours of total darkness and IMO you should be good to cut…

unless of course you prefer “stoned” over “high”…in which case you may want to wait about two more weeks before you start the flush.

there is no exact time frame as every strain,…every plant, is different…observation of the plant development is the key to proper harvest time,…and when to start preparing for the harvest


yes flushing is an important part :sunglasses:

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I like 10 - 20% Amber on most strains


You can also just try some when you think you are close. I use a dehydrator on some smaller buds until its a third of its starting weight. It won’t taste like cured bud, but you can get a pretty good idea of where you stand.

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Thanks all for the info. I don’t think I need to flush since water is all I have used for a month already cause my soil has everything it’s ever wanted :grin: a month ago I gave a shot of bloom that’s it.

This is the one that’s pretty much ready think I got a couple fat ones!


very nice for not using nutrients what soil are you using got to get some of that :grin:

I started my holes in December. I put miracle grow soil in hole, let it get rained on and stuff till mid January, I then add regular potting soil, again let it get weathered. by mid February I add blood meal and some other stuff to make nice soft soil. If all works out right I’m in the ground by first week of March. :smiling_imp::sunglasses:


Foxfarm ocean breeze is the best balanced soil I’ve ever used. I grow outdoors at 9000’ in Colorado. Gambling now to beat the frost. Two to three weeks from harvest on the bubba kush

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It’s what you like best out of the buzz. If you want more “zip” then stick with pure Milky. If you want more “punch” to go along with your “zip” then try 20% ~ 25% amber trichomes, then harvest. Amber trichomes represent CBNs, i.e., your THC degrading. The CBN is what gives weed its’ narcotic effect, couch-lock if you will.
Honestly, I look for around 10% to 15% amber or so then I harvest quickly. As anyone will tell you genetics play the major part in any “high” and/or “pain relief”. Have fun with it and stay on top of it, I’m sure you’re going to have a great harvest. Enjoy.

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Another nice method is to hang buds for 6-days, fan blowing and humidity controlled on low. Then I continue to dry another 6 days or so in grocery bags – rotating bag contents periodically. Paper bags really draw out unwanted left-over moisture quite evenly. I always leave the bags around 25% open, as to allow moisture to escape as well. Then the stash goes into jars of all sizes and shapes. Once I reach a level of humidity of 55% continuously then I am confident I can leave the lids on. Of course, I also vacuum-seal some in order to have a fresh taste later on down the road.


@Cyclingmasterseller Where do you recommend to shop for a vacuum sealer machine thingy?

Yep it all works. This was last year’s but thanks for the in put. I’m still smoking on it, and it still taste good out of the jars. Hope all have a good harvest this year

**You’re right, it does all work. I’m also smoking on last year’s harvest, it’s a good deal for sure.
Tell me, have you tried the Linx Gaia portable vaporizer? This thing is supposed to vape almost 100%. At my older age of 61, I’m trying to cut back on all the tars, etc, that come with bongs, paper, etc.

Here is the link for the linxvapor dot com


No I haven’t. I usually just smoke with a glass pipe, but I may look into that I just don’t like coughing. Dose it make you cough?

This vaporizer only passes extremely hot air over the bud and only
evaporates the THC out of it. Hence, it leaves the bud intact and does not
burn the bud. Because it does not burn the bud you don’t inhale all the
tars and junk, only the THC, CBNs, CBDs, and the other cannabinoids. When
the bud is spent you’ll know it because you won’t get anymore smoke. Some
of my friends don’t like the vape idea because you don’t get that same
“full” satisfying hit you do with just a pipe, bong, etc. But I like the
vape because you don’t inhale all the crap associated with the bud – just
the good stuff and that’s it.
NOTE: I also like pipes and bongs as well. But for better health I like
the vape idea.

Get this, you can also buy the bong attachment for the Linx Gaia and smoke
tar-free weed cooled down with water as well :grinning: