I have used budblood and i would say nearly 50%of my heads are turning brown(the hairs). And the resin glands look cleary milky. Now my mate said ther nt ready. Am jus wundering if sumone can help me. I’m flushing now n wil fr 7-10days. Is this the right thing to do?hope the foto helps

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you are just playing with us; Right? Sounds perfect to me. Milky trichomes, brown pistils. Sounds good to me. More of an up high if you harvest before too many amber set in.

But; Really…It looks to me like you know what you are doing~ Glad to help, Peace.lw

It kinda depends on the strain and your personal preference, some people prefer all the trichomes milky white while others prefer the trichomes mostly amber. Most seem to settle on a 1/3rd to 1/2 of the trichomes to have turned amber. As a general rule, the more milky white – the more of a sativa (more cerebral) like high, and the more amber – more of an indica (more relaxing body and couch-lock) like high. Some people find without enough amber trichomes the high feels a little edgy and uncomfortable.

Th edgy anxious feel is from Sativa harvested early. The amber trichomes are actually proof of deteriorating THC. The cloudy trichomes are full of THC. I have never experienced this effect with an Indica. Coughing; Yes. Anxiety: No.

More cloudy less amber trichomes do definitely give more of an up high. What causes the Couch-lock effect is the decaying THC. Many will also conclude that heavy heavy % of amber trichomes cause the smoke to be so condensed, that you cough hard, easily.

Anyway. I am sure you have amber; And when I see amber I start my 2 week flush, because, I like the uplifting effect from this trichome %

But; If you want a deeper body high, wait until you get 33-50% amber.

Like my partner McGyver stoner adivsed. In the end; It is a matter of personal choice.