Proper way to remove leaves?

I have read up quite a bit on removing leaves to allow light to reach all the lower buds. This is my first grow so I am not getting in to this too much for this grow. I noticed this morning the very bottom leaves (first picture) are wilted and laying in the soil. I am going to remove them since they don’t get any light anyways.

Is it best to cut the stems where they meet the stalk or just cut the leaves themselves off?

I keep seeing advice to remove large fan leaves to allow more light to the lower portion of the plant. I have a ton of areas that are flowering. Is it safe to say that if I see a stem with big fan leaves and no flowering (see second picture) I can remove these leaves? The ones in question are also blocking some of my newer growth that is flowering.

These plants are pretty smart. As you can see in the fourth picture some of the lower flowering sites reached way beyond the perimeter of the pot to have access to the light.

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be very careful removing leaves as they are there for a purpose…better to lightly bend them back…

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Cut it close so nothing grows there. Or leave a tiny bit on stem if you want new growth there.


That’s what I’ve been doing so far. Some of the fan leaves are right on top of new growth and flowers.

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Tuck it or pluck it.
Sometimes I’ll just remove individual fingers of a leaf to expose lower bud sites to light.
Use my fingers…pinch…remove