Proper light meter?

Hey guys.
Please advice me on measuring light meter.
I want to buy a proper light meter, because I had one but returned it because it’s crap.

Please give me your opinion.

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If you have a smart phone you should read this…


Here’s what I use and it hasn’t let me down yet. Comes in handy


@BigCat420 Thank you.
Can you please explain how you use it.
How do you conduct a proper measurement?
I am reading on the forum about PPFD,PPF, PAR, LUX.
And I’m trying to wrap my head around these things.
So please give me a starting point.
The way how you do it.

Thank you.

I just turn it on and plug in your jacks. Not sure of it was always on the umols setting but thats what I use. You get a reading from your 4 corners and center then get an average from all those numbers and thats your light intensity. I end my veg with 300-400 umols and crank it up at start of flower over the next 2-3 weeks to 900-1000 umols


Apogee is the gold standard for measuring light, not cheap though.

Here I am measuring the PPFD at the canopy level, I like about 1000-1200 PPFD for flowering.

A good smartphone with the Photone app works quite well for a whole lot less $$$.


I agree.

Read this and take readings in several areas around the canopy.

Shoot for something like this, keeping leaf temp below room temp:


seems the one for android not as accurate as iphone app ?

Very expensive. Cheap ones don’t work.

No idea, I don’t do android phones but I would think it depends on the particular phone as there are probably good android phones and not so great android phones.

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A lot depends on the phone and the light sensor. Samsungs newest phones back 2 gens I think til now have superior light sensors to iPhones of the same eras

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s this a good meter???