Propagation mat temperature question

Hi can someone give me a temp range for the seedlings and seeds sitting on top of my propagation mat


Edit: I found my answer here…

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It is hard to say what will happen if you thaw the seeds you have had in the freezer for 10 years. I would have to say. Try 3-4 out and see what happens.

Were these seeds well protected and have no freezer burn or ice in the container?

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Good morning, I was looking for a temperature range that was optimum for a seedling tray, the linked article contain the line:

“These are then placed under the planting tray to keep it at around 70 to 75*F”

That was the answer I was looking for, as both of my mats keep different temperatures, one likes to stay 77 to 82 and the other one stays 68 to 72. I think may be best to get a controller for them

That is a great idea. Keep them marked so you can recall which runs hotter. This might come in handy during colder parts of the year. :slight_smile: