Professional Growers - What would You Do?

System: 12-Bucket DWC - Hydro. (6) FS - LED’s, Clay Pebble medium. Modified buckets re-routed air supply w/6" air stones fed w/commercial air handler. Auto A/C, (3) auto Humidifiers, (4) 16" rotatable fans in each corner. Auto Heater and commercial de-humidifier.

Nutrients: Fox Farm Trio-blend, Fox Farm Sledgehammer, General Hydro Ph up & Ph Down.

Background: First Grow, some initial germination issues with bad seeds resulted in varied growth cycles. Extended Vegetative stage (2) two weeks to allow for slower growth to catch up. Entered Flower stage first of October through light cycle switch.

ISSUE: I’m entering week three of the Flower stage and I noticed one of my best growers go droopy. So through research and some immediate testing showed a huge spike in PPM’s across the board resulting in 2000’s. I realize this is bad since the Ph shot up as well up to 6.45. At first they also needed water so I just gave them water and adjusted the PH to 6.0. This seemed to help the droopy pick back up.

I keep checking every few days and the PPM’s are not coming down and the PH spiked again. I also start seeing the signs of Nutrient Burn. a couple leaf tips start to discolor slightly. So I Freak Out! I immediately do a completed flush one bucket at a time and reset every bucket to a Ph of 6.0 and PPM of 1000 to 1200.

Today is the day after the flush and the PPM’s are under control but I had to PH down to 6.0 on every bucket. They all spiked again to 6.45. So droopy is picking back up but several of them seem to be in a recovery state (just not as perky looking).

So here is where I need your HELP.

Have I taken the right steps to correct this?
Are my Ph and PPM levels good for my type grow?

I am a first timer who is learning some lessons the hard way, but since there is so much information out there I am not sure of the best levels etc.

I really could use your professional help and advice, comments and suggestions.

I’m not a hydro grower but I don’t like going over 1200ppm in late flower. Try dropping down to 500-600ish for awhile

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Turn those dwc into a rdwc and a fatty reservoir and you’d be all set

I played in water around 6.3-6.5 with my hydro setups and no issues, most my girls sit in water most consider way too high! 1700 tds/ 1900 ppm.

That’s before I dose them with advanced nutes

Don’t know what’s causing your droop but that’s a lot of tanks to change water in a dwc system.

Have you kept up with that and seen the salt deposits build up?

When i had my hydro going i kept my ph between a 5.8 and a 6.2. Tried to stick with 5.8 as close as i could because ph always raised higher so i stuck with a lower ph going in. Never had a problem after i started using they hydro guard. First 3 weeks were a little hell not knowing what i was doing at all. Went into it totally blind. But ended up getting 5 zips and iz and a half of trim off my first bubblegum hydro auto flower. If ur ph keeps raising try doing aph of 5.8 on the whole nute reservoir and see if it helps ya out. @Nicky @Not2SureYet i believe they r hydro and coco. They might lead u to a good way aldo.


5.8 is the golden ph with hydro. Pics would help. Some distance pics, close ups etc.
Drooping is usually a over watering issue. But with hydro that is caused by not enough oxygen to the roots. Check and clean your air stones. Nutes can reduce there effectiveness over time through built up. Check water level. Ideally 2 inches between water level and net pot. You want that so the top few inches of roots are dry and can breath. May be worth adding extra air stones. Some growers have 2 air stones per bucket. I use 1 per bucket and seems fine. The water wants to look like its boiling.
Ph and PPM are just a daily struggle to keep balanced. They both effect each other. If worried just keep you PPM low and top up of you plant looks hungry.

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I have kept up on it documenting everything every few days. My mistake was using the recommended dosage by Fox Farm which turned out to be to much and when I caught on I believe it was too late and a flush was necessary.

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Sounds like I may be back on track, but only time and constant attention will save them.

Also, my droopy is back up and looking good. I did notice since my flush that the smell in the room has grown somewhat stale smelling. I hope this is just the smell associated with the roots recovering.

Does anyone know if there is any sort of pattern when it comes to the smells of an indoor grow. Obviously when the buds come it going to get skunky smelling.

Did he find a professional grower? LoL :rofl:


I find what nutes I am using have a lot of effect with how stable my ph is. I have heard air stones cause a big fluctuation. I was told to use the waver makers. And they do hold pretty good. I do the same though. I ph low and by the 3 day when I refill the rez. I am near 6.0 If I am running straight Jacks. My ph rarely moves once set. @Myfriendis410 also found what brand of cal mag he used made a big difference too if I remember right.

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Is it possible to convert what I have by adding an extra bucket as a control reservoir, some plumbing and a pump, water level indicator and some type of float??

Someone could make a conversion kit from DWC to RDWC and do well selling it.

I wonder if there is a step by step guide in putting one together using buckets?

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Guessing :slightly_smiling_face:

Also guessing…hmmmm

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I’m by far no pro grower but in my opinion you need to do a water change and maybe look at your source water and bucket water temps.

When is the last time you did a water change on the buckets?

I say this because as the plant uses nutes let’s say nitrogen. It may not use much of the other nutes.

If you keep adding N P and K in same amounts and the plant is using a lot of N then after a while you will end up with a very high ppm and the water stability will go out the window because the P and K are thru the roof but you still got the same ppm.
Hope I made sense there I’m a little medicated atm.

What type of water are you using?

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Bulkhead fittings and 1 1/2” or larger plumbing material will do for returns.

Then pump the water to each bucket

I added a pump to pull thru the system and return to the reservoir, also add drip rings to the top to help accelerate root growth

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My original email will answer your questions.


If the plant is in a net pot you could easily increase the standing rez by using a 28 gallon tote. That’s substantial enough volume to maintain PH stability. DWC does cause you to chase issues: the larger the rez the more stable the system. Air stones will slightly acidify liquid but necessary for hydro.

Having a standing reservoir is ideal and helps as well to maintain solution temps below 70F. If your temps are higher than that you will likely have issues as well.

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Here is my Grow as of Today.


Dahhh! Its the purple light! Time for an upgrade my friend!


Wow that’s a whole lotta blurple lol

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