Problems in cloning

I grew a mother plant from a feminized seed, took 8 clones off her. Now I am into the second week of flower for the clones, and it looks like i have 4 males & 3 female ( lost one ). Is this possible. The seed was stored away for a long time, would this be a side affect? Lost the mother also!
I got my next seeds from you!!! Yes,i am a beginner!

Are you sure they are male? Or do you mean they have a lot of hermaphrodite flowers? It isn’t quite the same thing. And, yes, the second is possible. Certain stresses can contribute to hermaphroditism. Also there is a slight increased chance for hermaphroditism due to stress with feminized seeds, as they are the offspring of a true female plant that has a small branch specially treated to force it to develop some hermaphrodite flowers so as to self pollenate that branch, thereby creating the feminized seeds that are nearly clones of the mother plant. That individual branch is usually encased in something that lets air and light in but won’t let any pollen out so the rest of the plant can be harvested seedless.

All of the seeds I’ve grown from ILGM have been feminized and so far I have never had any hermaphrodite problems.

If you can keep a clone of one of the totally female clones and grow in in a veg state, it should monster crop with lots of tops, and keep them healthy the entire time, there is a good chance you can get new clones that won’t have and hermaphrodite flowers showing up. Theoretically you should be able to clone from this new mother for a very long time with no loss to potency or vitality.

I was told that you can save pollen sacks for later use if you vacuum seal & freeze them? Is this true & would these give me feminized or Hermes? The seed was aurea indica from nirvana seeds, but have been stored for at least 6 years or so. Dont think i want to chance anymore clones from these when i have a fresh delivery of good seeds from you guys siting here! Bad week in the grow room! The pollen sacks are on every flower, i dont even see any stamin anywhere on the four. Worried that the other 3 are just not big enough to show sex yet as they are 5-6 inches smaller, and look much weaker. See what you think, ill try to up load a pic from a male and female. Thank you for your support, its great you take time to share your experience.

The the top picture certainly has male flowers showing. The bottom picture I’m not so sure. I only see what looks like they should become female flowers.

If the mother was truly female, yes the pollen from the rare forced hermie male flower, when pollinating another female flower should create feminized seeds.

Yes, pollen when stored in an air tight and very dry and cool container will store for a very long time, maybe years, maybe even longer than properly stored seeds.

P.S. Males are often taller faster growers than females, but that doesn’t make as much sense if they are all clones from the same female mother plant. But from seed, yes the males often grow faster/taller than the females.

Pik 1 definitely has pollen sacks.

Pik 2 looks like it could be female, but not sure.

How long did you veg the so called "mother"plant? What photo period did you use? It is possible that environmental circumstances caused the “hermie” traits. Peace. :slight_smile:

I let the mother veg for about 5 weeks at 18/6 with T5’s, with ph as close to between 5.5 & 6 in dwc. Thank you for your time!

No worries :slight_smile: That’s why we get the big bucks :mrgreen: