Herme Clones

I am a newbie to growing. I started my 1st grow from really good bud that I got in Jamaica on vacation. I started with 8 plants. after about 10-12 weeks I took cutting from all and tried to force flower them. When I did that 1 was for sure a male and the others seemed to be female. When I started to flower them I think 2 were also males. (it was VERY hard to pull out 2 of the best looking plants) the other ones seem to flower OK. Some of the plants developed a few seeds but overall very few and the flowers tasted pretty good but i am still trying to cure. The Plants got too tall for room and were above the lights. I think this caused 1 or 2 to become herme’s. and the question I have is, Will the clones from a herme always be a herme? I am pretty sure when I forced flower them they were only female and showed no signs of male sacs. I took the clones early in the Veg stage so they were not stressed at that time so should I be worried about Hermes now with clones?
I will be starting Gold Leaf seeds from you in a few weeks. I am trying the use of a screen of green for my grows but when trying new seeds do you think that would be a good idea or not. I know its not a sure thing for all of the plants to be all female but at 99% i think its good odds.

Thanks for all of the great tips and am looking forward to the Gold Leaf.

Stresses can cause a female plant to develop hermaphrodite flowers but those seeds should be able to be grown without hermi traits if you are careful. About the only thing is that it shows that particular plant may hermi a little more easily than others but if it was a true female to begin with your seeds should be female. make sure you keep an eye on the pH, this is one of the quickest ways to stress a plant to hermi don’t let it get below 6.0 in soil or 5.5 in hydro and not above 7.5 in soil or above 6.5 in hydro, preferably 5.5-6.0, about 5.8 ideal for hydro and 6.0-7.0, about 6.3-6.5 ideal for soil.