Problem with seedling

Hey guys, my first grow is a few weeks from ending so I figured I’d get a jump on the next grow and get some seedlings started. I started 3 seeds, 1 each of white widow auto, granddaddy purple, and super skunk. All 3 seeds were stated in a jiffy pellet then transferred to a solo cup with with happy frog and some extra perlite. The issue I’m having is the leaves on my super skunk are yellow. They have been yellow since sprouting, besides that I think she looks good. Last pic is from yesterday, 6 days since sprouting. Any thoughts?

It seems a little light, but it’s not uncommon for new growth to not have a developed color since chlorophyll hasn’t had a chance to do its thing yet.

She looks like she’s putting out new growth just fine and that will be what matters.

Thanks @MidwestGuy. Like I said, she looks healthy besides the color. This being my second grow, I have very little knowledge and or experience. Hopefully she gets nice and fat lol