Probably stupid question but how long can I keep my ph balanced water?

Hey guys this probably a dumb question but after I ph balance my water, How long can it sit at room temperature before it starts to fluctuate? Thanks guys!

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I’ve wondered the same thing… tagging along

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I dont know how to tag people or who to even tag. Im still new but im learning.

As long as you want, but won’t stay at what you pHd it at. likely it will change on a day per day basis. you will have to pH it again before use.

You could run the numbers yourself and watch the fluctuations.

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Thank you it just popped up in my head so I asked instead of just checking myself…seems like the best thing to do lol just check it. Lol thanks for you time buddy. Happy growing!

If you did check it a few times see how much if fluctuates over how many days. So you’ll have an idea if you need to adjust based on the last pH adjustment? That’s sort of how I handle my premixed nutrients.

It will raise a tiny bit each day.

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I collected and tested water here for 13 years. Remember the stories of acid rain? Usually in the 6.0 to 6.4 range in our region. Also collected some rad signatures from that reactor that was destroyed in Japan. Being a scientst begets crazy results you just never get around to publishing. Hope someone did.


Yea om just using straight water. No nutes yet. I just ph some water and give it to them as needed. Definitely gonna start checking.

I fill gallon jugs with tap water for watering and let it sit so the chlorine burns off, usually it sits for about 4 days by the time I water and cycle thru the jugs. Water comes out of the tap around 7.2ph, by the time I go to use it it’s risen to 8.5ph. So I use 1tspn apple cider vinegar per gallon and it lowers the ph to 6.5-6.6. I haven’t tested to see how long the vinegar maintains that ph tho, curious to see if it rises back up over time.

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As water evaporates over time it will make your pH adjustment additive of choice more concentrated. That can result in changes.

Some acids will evaporate as well (instability). If your acid is unstable that can give you changes too.

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Oh crap, I dropped my vial of radioactive water from Japan! That would suck

Water keeps well but once you add nutes they break down in the water changing ph pretty quickly I give nute water 14 hours max before you’d have to rePH

If I use tap it jumps up.02 everyday if I use ro it jumps up .01 daily I have heard that is best to use nutes within 24 to 48 hrs of mixing as some stuff dies off or degrades over certain time

I have no idea , i know ive kept ph water for awhile but it only fluctuated from 5.7 to 5.5 and when ive had my ph at 6.5 it went down to 6.3