Prevention measures

Here’s a pic of my grow, it’s hard to see them but this is how I camouflage my grow. I let weeds grow around them. Since they are in the weeds with pests around, what can I do for preventing unwanted pests. Spraying something organic?


I don’t see them :slight_smile:. I heard neem oil works well, spray at sundown, get the entire girl wet, under leaves too. Done weekly, don’t spray during flower stage.

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Looking good ! that brings back old memories.

The problem is most issues happen during flower.

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I ordered the captain jack because of my leaf miners, that’s what made me think I should be doing something before I get attacked further
Is there anything else I should be doing?

@Myfriendis410 I got the captain jacks today. Is this to be applied in the evening? As stated about neem, or early morning?

Within an hour of lights out to avoid it causing lens burning of droplets. Be sure to spray the undersides of leaves and the top of soil surface and fabric pots. Wait 5 days then reapply.

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This is an outside grow ,so late evening is what I will shoot for, however I have to be able to see to get coverage

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@Myfriendis410 I just went out and sprayed all the plants, only the one with least amount of sun has the leaf miners. Things look a bit droopy after spraying. The plants are reaching for the sun and at about a 60 degree angle. I put stakes in front of them to support the plant, tomorrow I will tie them up with panty hose so I don’t cut into the plant where supported. At this point they are about 5 foot tall
I’m very happy I found this site,and the support I have received
Thank you for all you have done to help me, I really appreciate it

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The over all pic is hard to see each plant.
I’m trying to keep it all stealth and let the weeds grow around them

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We are all here to see folks grow successfully. Happy to help. Your idea is cool if you can keep pests out of your plants. You’re gonna have to be pretty diligent with the pest control and watch for those effing caterpillars in the flower: avatars of Satan haha! Staying on a program of Captain Jack’s or Safer (or both is what I do) and if any sign of white powdery mildew (usually in mid flower) you can introduce to your routine some 3% peroxide/distilled water sprayed to keep in check.

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I have grown like this for a couple years with no problems. However late in the year I’ve had some bud rot when it rains for a couple weeks and temps dip. I’ve lost 20 percent of the crop and harvest earlier than I wanted to
Being here on the forum I’m looking closer at every aspect closer than before. Ive never had plants this big this early. The information that I’ve gained here is unbelievable to say the least
Thanks to all of you, the future is big an bright

#3 is the plant with the least sun and the leaf miners
#6 is the biggest one at 5’
#7 has the skinny leaves that are shriveled up on the edges
#8 is not in the pic but smaller like 3’

My captain jack bug spray has been applied to all my plants. Today marks one month outside. I had one month inside and they were about 6 inches tall when I transplanted. Today they are 6 foot
I’m not sure what I have here, the bag that the seed came in says
NTH-FPT. can anyone tell me if these are auto flower?
@Myfriendis410 @AAA @deernad

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My guess, Northern Lights. Female Photo

And she looks killer!

Female photo? I’m new to buying seeds ,first time actually and I got them from ILGM
my plants are the biggest I ever had at this stage and almost look like the beginning of budding. The knowledge I’ve gotten here is amazing and my plants are showing the results. The FFOF soil an worm castings are the only thing I’m doing other than watering
Thanks for any help

The two single pics are close ups of a couple in the middle of the garden
6 are really nice (pics of two of them)
2 are ok (not in pic)
1 runt

Just wondering what I have here

@thedeernad thought I’d tag you too

Thanks buddy, if you saw in my post, I pinpointed the little bastard that was gnawing on my ladies. Found it again today around sundown, underneath a leaf, with lots of damage mark’s around it! Got the dead bug just like you, applied yesterday!

Your ladies look great bud, keep it up!

Ive been looking every morning when I’m watering and I haven’t seen anything yet. I saw yours and have been looking very close
I have the signs that they are there