Pre flower first grow ever need help!

Got a GSCE auto at 4 and a 1/2 weeks already going into pre flower but my question is what should I keep my temp and humidity at at this point and how much should I water. I already water when pot is dry but how much should I do??? Need any and all help thank you???

They’ll start to use more as the plant grows relative to the pot size. They don’t change like overnight once they reach flower. You want to keep doing wet to dry, lift your pots regularly to check where they’re at, like usual.

For flower I shoot for temps in the mid 70’s and RH in the mid-low 40’s, I treat all strains the same. I probably won’t be able to keep it out of the mid 80’s by the end this run though without AC and that isn’t going to happen. They’ll grow a little faster in the low 80’s but more terpenes are lost to the heat.


At this point you can start watering till you get runoff of 10 to 20% and start testing it for PPMs.
Unless you are in a living soil and wont be feeding. In living soil just water till you see runoff begin and take note of how much water you gave it. Then repeat when dry.
I might suggest sticking with a single thread, We wont be asking you the same questions over and over and will give better advice. Up to you.
BTW I am also in Missouri.


Yeah still pretty new to the forum and I’m not real good with any type of technology so sorry if I’m kinda all over the place


This helped me my first indoor run…


I got to ask i am a new grower and i read a ton on here what does VPD stand for on that chart and how does it affect your plant if slightly in the red.

Vapor pressure deficit. It’s basically the equivalent to humans sweating. You can get a few points out on either end of the graph and be ok. Just want to keep rh around 45% during flower. As long as you aren’t waaaaaay off, you’re good.

Yeah i am in 3rd week of flower temp is about 81 with RH of 45 with being auto i could just unzipped door at the bottom to let cooler air in

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Yep. Use the resources. Rh will probably go up some at lights out, but it’s good between 45-55. There’s growers here that have made full runs at 35% with no major differences. It develops best in those ranges charted tho.

@Borderryan22 nice chart! Hadn’t seen that one yet.

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Also possibly get a clip fan or a cheap desk fan and a zip tie - if you can get airflow on your light, I bet you’ll find a lot of that heat buildup dissipates quicker. A fan blowing on my LEDs lowers my overall temps in the tent about 5° - doesn’t seem like much but sometimes it’s the difference between cooking my plants or just makin em sweat a little

I got one blowing on the plants and a 6inch ventilation fan on just last month i was having to leave lights on 24/7 due to low temperatures now my tent runninng about 81 during the daytime.

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I hear ya - I run a 6” fan and a bunch of fans directly on my lights. A fan on the floor aiming at the plants to wiggle the stems and build strength, but I have awful room temps - 90°+ - when I don’t have a fan blowing directly on the light.