Praying leaves. Good? Or a sign the plant to be pushed harder?

I see alot of people on here talking about how their leaves are “praying” and that it’s a sign of a healthy/happy plant. Is that the case or is it a sign they want you to crank the light up? I was always under the assumption that if a plant was reaching for the sun it wanted more light?

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Its just something a plant does at times.
It actually means nothing.
Praying and stretching are different things.


If a plant has inadequate light it will stretch toward the light and leave a lot of space between the nodes it puts up.


Great point


So praying is a good thing but we really don’t know why. I’m crankin the light lol.

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Indeed. I push my plants with ~1,000 PPFD from late veg through flowering. I notice that my plants pray during periods of vigorous growth during veg. They cease praying once a couple of weeks into flowering.

Here is my current plant praying (back in June.)


So weird. Mine started praying roughly a week into flower lol. It’s a mystery. My plants don’t seem to hate the extra notch on the 600r yet. :man_shrugging:

Makes sense to me. Mine were flipped a few weeks ago and just measured 1025 ppfd and they seem to be growing vigorously as you say.

Hi Growbro. I just search for praying and found your informative comments.

Do you still push her after transitions? This is my current week2 flowering

She will go back down to normal 8 hours before darktimes. 18/6 autoflower

I do. I try to get to 1,100 PPFD in flowering.

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Thanks! She do take that now. Hope she stop stretching.