PPM Run off too high!

@Paranorman my tds/etc meter runs 4 digits and when I switched the ppm to us/cm it read error.


@Paranorman also I haven’t used the florakleen yet I was just asking what I good dosage would be to get it down from that high


May you need to calibrate it again for the scale ?

@Countryboyjvd1971 I checked my normal tap water and it was still between the 200-250 ppms like it always is. But again I have tall pots and my ppms on my top soil were only 550 range. So maybe my salt build up is just at the very bottom where the roots have not reached. I know I didn’t read it wrong because I was so shocked I did it multiple times thinking I was tripping:joy:

Did you mention what kind of pots you are using? Curious if drainage could be a factor? Not draining fast enough so build up occurs? Not sure just thought of it. If you listen to the pro’s you’ll be fine, though. I’m always wondering what the root cause is so it doesn’t happen again.

That’s very possible that your roots haven’t made it the bad soil yet
I would say keep an eye on her and if you see nute burn issues then consider a flush watch the tips and edges of your leaves
How big a pot you talking about here
I use 15 gal myself so when I water it takes a lot now but not so much in the beginning I went from watering once every 7to 9 days to every 4 to 6 days

Okay flush the plant, it needs a big flush !

I don’t know about this or that to flush it with, I use playing pH water but I think the important thing is the plant needs a flush ASAP!

…good luck with it, keep us posted!

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@Matthew420, we’re you bein punny there? About getting to the root of it?

LOL, no. Just worked out that way. My work background is fixing problems and sometimes that creeps over to my growing :slight_smile: I like to know why something went wrong vs. just fixing it. That way, it doesn’t happen again :slight_smile:

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@Matthew420 @Countryboyjvd1971 I am only using 5 gallon pots and they are the flimsy plastic bag type with multiple holes in the bottom . Also their shape is taller and skinner than most 5 gallons so that’s why I’m thinking the roots haven’t reached yet . I water about once every 3-4 days @Paranorman I just watered yesterday . You still think I should flush when they wake up today or maybe wait a couple days bring it hasn’t shown anything yet ?

@Majiktoker …magic said this above, I agree with him completely

  • good luck

Alright thanks

Lol I know im the one that wrote it ive been here from the start you came in said some thing so left it to you…

Edit: I see what I did, I accidentally tagged you in instead of the original poster sorry about that!

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@Paranorman @Majiktoker I just watered them with plain ph’d water today and the ppm run off went from 5000 to 3000. Ph is 6.15 . One more plain watering and I think they should be back to normal. Thanks guys


My pleasure keep me updated @SirrNucci

Hi, what should the PPM runoff number be? I tested my water before I watered, it was 188, after I watered I tested 1 pot for runoff, it registered at 1677ppm, I have hard water, well water, water softener, I added some GH Flora Micro Hardwater and Calimagic to the water.

I think part of that depends on what you’ve been giving them for routine waterings. If you’ve been feeding with 1677 then that means it’s not building up or the numbers would keep climbing from what you’ve been feeding.

You would need to do a flush or many more “plain” waterings to get your number down to the 188 range. Again, this is assuming your regular feedings have been at that higher PPM.

In any case, if you keep watering with the low PPM the runoff PPM will drop too, because your plant is consuming it. Flushing would speed that up but may not be needed. Again, depends on what you’ve been watering.

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Ppm is parts per million (im sure you know this) that is the reading that shows if your water is hard water and rich in minerals if using water directly from sink and its that low, than likely it could be some thing your feeding it.

Adding flora micro hard water plus the calimag that is the exact reason you are getting these high numbers @doodlebug, pretty self explanatory and answers its own question really :slight_smile: …hint hint hard water lol that’s the main reason of these numbers going through that high of a change

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