PPM for Seedlings in RDWC system

hey guys, looking for some information i cant seem to find in a concise manner.

PPM seedling = 200?
veg = 500?
flower = 1,200?

any veterans point me to some good info,



If you can keep these numbers, you will be great! Even close to these are good.


we are all different in our grow setups…I personally don’t get that high in flower but veg and seedling are in the range I use


im getting a little weird spots on the leaves, i thought i was not giving enough nutes… but maybe its splash on the laves from water from the top feeding system

thanks guys


most spots in Hydro are PH caused

5.8ph the sweet spot? ive been lucky, my system has not drifted much and stays a steady 5.8… think i should try a 6.0? or 5.6?

they say for veg 5.5-6 and flower 6-6.5ph is the sweet spot…I start at 6 with fresh nutes and she will always drive the pH one direction or the other and I make adjustments if it gets too far out and is not swinging back to normal

guess ill dip it to 5.6 for a few days and see if she hugs me or gives me the middle leaf…

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a chart I reference sometimes that you may like

excellent chart, ty

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