Power requirements - need advice!

Oops, "fat thumb syndrome ".

No one has built an electrical control board?

Most of us just use power strips and timers. I was thinking of doing it but everything has a switch on it already except my intake fans (they’re on timers).

That’s what I’m doing now but it just looks messy. Thought I’d clean it up a bit.

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Depends on how much time ya got. Between dog breeding and med growing, I don’t have the time to build a switch panel right now. I’m going to though when I switch the grow to solar next spring. I’m an audiofreak myself. We had the first 1,000 watt stereo in my town back in 1970. We were always the party house. My old man built a game room above the garage with a full bar. We always had the newest tech. I guess that’s why I ended up in the high tech field

Ya time I’ve got! Finally have the system I always dreamed of but couldn’t ever afford back in the day.

Then get a piece of aluminum plate about .100 thick, a bunch of 10A SPDT toggle switches… Just kidding

Or you can get Network power switches or USB power switches and get you computer to control everything. Definitely overkill, but fun.

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Lol, if you had got the tag right I would’ve seen this sooner.

I haven’t built one, but I will at some point. I have an idea in my head, maybe it’s close to yours? I’m thinking about what we usually call a Hoffman box. It’s basically a large empty box used in commercial/industrial applications. They’re available in different sizes and you can get them made out of plastic and steel. But would allow you to make nice cutouts in it and mount everything. Then I’m thinking you could also install a power meter if you want. Or anything else you want in it too.

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