Grow Room Power supply?

Im planning on moving my operation into a 12x12 room. I want to run a dedicated circuit to the room. Should I go 220v or 110v? I plan on having4 tents, 2-4x4 1-3x3 and 1-2x2, running in the end.


If you run 220V for the drivers can be more efficient. @dbrn32 can give you more solid information on that.
But 120V works fine with all of the other equipment that’s necessary.


Run 220 to a dedicated box. I ran two 110 lines for one tent. Didn’t need it, but Karla got me another tent and I was ready to go. If I were running 4 tents, I’d need four plugs for the tents and a few for heaters and such…


Drivers are slightly more efficient on 240v. Whether you go that route or not, you’ll want multiple circuits to the room. Drivers have high inrush current when fired. Too many of them on same circuit at same time and breaker will trip even if below nameplate current.


So do you mean 2-220v or 220 and an additional line for accessories? Its current a basement “bedroom”, so i was planning on using the outlet for all accessories and the ran line for lights only.


I wouldn’t do two 240 circuits, not everything you use will likely run on 240v. I would look at equipment you’re wanting to install and then try to load around 50% maximum value. You’re talking about 4 different tents two of them being 4x4, you’re going to be pulling a decent amount of power to do them well.

For example this is data sheet for meanwell hlg-240 (250 watt driver)