Potential male plant with autoflowers

Got a hypothetical question…,

Just started a grow with girl scout cookie extreme “Autoflowers”…

I’ve got a little room in my tent. I’ve got some insanely rare almost impossible to find seeds of mixed male and female of the incredibly rare almost impossible to find “Tire Fire” it’s a mix of the powerful Hi-Octane X Do-Si-Dos…

Here’s my question…
With the auto flowers I just started we got a clock of 90 days. If I were to wait a few weeks and start the “Tire Fire” in the tent next to the autos and they got late into flowering and worst case scenario I find out that the tire fire is a male is there any chance that it could pollinate the autoflowers?

Or would the autoflowers be too far in flowering to produce seeds from pollination?

What’s your thoughts guys…



It only takes a couple of weeks for a pollinated flower to produce seeds.

Males are worthless unless you intend to use the pollen they produce. If you identify a male plant, then bag it and dispose of it the minute that you see it is a male.

You are aware that the harvest times the seed sellers cite is flowering time and not time from seed? Autos can flower at any point between 2 and 12 weeks, so harvest times can vary quite a bit.


Yes I’m aware. I was just curious if the autos were so close to harvest when detecting the sex of the regular seed that if it accidentally pollinated it would be too late to affect the autoflower


There’s an upside to growing autos and photo periods together. I would drop a seed or 2, it’ll take 4-6 weeks or so to reveal their sex and your autos will be in flower by then on an 18/6 light schedule and you can flower the autos and veg the photo periods long enough to reveal the sex. Toss the males unless you’re collecting pollen and flip the light schedule to 12/12 when you’re ready to flower the photo periods. Keep in mind both will double in size during the stretch :metal:


Absolutely yes. Always a chance if a male is spotted. Are you savy on spotting M or F?


So as long as you catch the male when it “shows sex” and before it actually flowers then theres bery little to no real risk of pollination. .
How ever if you let the male go and it actually flowers or starts to, then yeah, you risk pollination of any plant around even into future grows, pollen can hang around for awhile

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As @OGIncognito said, growing both together is easy. .
I grow both and basically just follow photo lighting schedule and stick the autos just wherever they fit. Just get rid of the male when it shows it’s self and you’ll be fine :+1:


I can catch them not as early as others I guess. Enlighten me give me some tips or secrets!

Well its all about its really not as difficult as some make it. You’ve seen preflower I’m sure. Blurry a little. But see the preflower in the nodes? The blurry (sorry) hairs. M’s wont have hairs. They have two knuckles likeish …

Look for the two lil “hairs” Female. Anything elsa is not.
If you get the male at this stage. Your 98% in the good. Ive yanked M’s late…had no seeds. However you do know ever F plant will turn hermie if left cooking to long. And seeds will be everywhere in that case

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At around 3-4 week?

You almost have the responsibility of breeding a pair of these and spreading them throughout the Community. If your anywhere near DC hit me up on IG and I’ll take your male and a clone of the female off your hands and breed them out and split the seeds with you if your interested.

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I agree, I’ve searched high and low for the seeds for this strand and no one seems to have them. You can get them in the dispensaries in weed form so that means somebody does have a seed but they sure are making it impossible for the public to have.

@Lostgirl No doubt. I’m on another Forum where we can trade seeds and clones etc openly since they’re not a seed bank. If you’d like to swap cuts or seeds I have plenty to choose from. I’m also doing a seed run on this pair which are a very nice hybrid local only to my area.

I’m on IG with the same handle. Strain hunting is exciting.


So if a person wanted to ship clones, is that possible or rather is it very difficult to keep them alive as I’m sure its possible :thinking:

There are a few growers on here who have successfully mailed clones that might have some pointers. @Graysin @repins12 are maybe 2 that’ll have some tips maybe?


Clone Shipper https://a.co/d/c4oQjGb

Re-usable, long-lasting LED light built into the lid.

Order of operations = plant, neoprene collar, rubber ring, lid, zip tie shut if you fancy. Pop the light on after closing, and send her on her way. I found that out the hard way mailing clones back and forth from @JaneQP - they don’t include directions with the shippers. Or at least not back when I bought mine.

I’ve actually got 2 right now, one from @Underthestairs and one from @Sydious that I need to get clones inside of and return to them. They’ll survive the trip back, and probably a few more times back & forth before the battery in the light dies.

My original 3 Shippers I purchased are only dead now because I left them outside cooking in the summer sun, I was foolish in underestimating what the 105° heat will do to electronics over time.


I’m not going to lie… once I get it back there’s a really good chance that an OMS is going to come right back with it :rofl:.


I know better than to say no. :rofl:


As long as the male flowers haven’t started dropping pollen you should be alright.

I’ve been growing some seed that apparently has about 5 different types coming out. One is a short, 2 foot autoflower strain that goes from seed to harvest in about 9 weeks. 2 of the other strains look like normal sativa/i9ndica plants seed to harvest in about 12 weeks
The other strain is about a 12 week plant but has atypical, feathery like flowers. The stalks that carry the flowers are as thick as a pencil lead and branch out a lot.