Possible Frost - how to protect plants

In north east they are predicting a possible frost tonight, I have 5 plants outside, how can I protect them without hurting them. I don’t have ability to prop up any sort of tarp above them.

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A wind break will help some. Direct wind will increase cold damage.

Get some frost blankets from homedepo… :wink:

If you have very light sheets, you can try draping them over the plants. Be careful, it’s easy to break branches this far into flowering.

I’m in VT. No frost yet


Frost means the harvest is soon huh

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it’s an early frost. still another 3 to weeks hopefully, they aren’t doing as well as hoped.

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Here we get early frosts. Usually before most cannabis is done.

Also means that the buds will fatten up pretty quick. A light frost won’t really hurt the plants much. It’s the heavy/killer frost you have to worry about.

We had our first light frost last night in northern Vermont.

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I remember my dad telling me it was called Christmas bud because the certain places you know you cut it right before the frost around Christmas time I guess that might have been a little far-fetched or maybe area specific to where he was from but he also said the frost you know let’s the plant know that the end is near and it shoots out as much as it can in a small amount of time to try in fully live its life cycle


That’s why people do ice baths I suppose. To mimic those cool fall temps.

No cannabis would make it into December here. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:. I don’t even know how I do it.

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That would be cool with me, they are a little behind where they were last year.