Possible colas!

What’s up y’all, so I went to go move the girls back into the green house due to rain. As I was doing so, I noticed what could be future/baby colas. If this is signs of pre flowering, how should I go about changing the light cycle due to growing strictly outdoors? Also when too feed tiger bloom?

Here’s some more pics of the Mully garden


Thats just new growth. Youll know when shes ready to flower when you start seeing pistils in the node space


If you are growing outdoors then you are at the mercy of beautiful Mother Nature. Once the days start to get shorter then she will start to pre flower and transition into the flower stage. Looks good man!

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This statement has me confused a bit. If I understand correctly, the plant is only an outdoor plant, and you are wanting to control the light to trigger it into flowering?

Generally speaking, the majority of outdoor growers just let nature’s cycle take care of the light change… but I’ve seen at least one person “try” to control their plants light intake by placing a relatively light tight box on top of plant to “control “ light cycle.

I honestly don’t remember if this even worked, but I would think you might be setting up plant for a possible hermaphroditism as box over top would probably leak some light.

Your plant looks a bit small to try to force into flower to me, but if you are determined to flip it now, box idea is the only way I can think of while keeping plant as a “strictly outdoor plant”

My own personal opinion is just ride it out and let nature take its course.


Mr_Wormwood I didn’t take that into consideration about my plants could possibly become a Hermaphroditism. I also could of worded it better about the light cycle
Could I show transition her to indoors under my grow light?

Only reason I haven’t yet because I’m not sure if the grow light I have is capable for a plant this size. Would it kill the plant if I did that transition?

Ahh, that’s a different story all together. I’m glad you’re not trying the box thing… that plan is janky as heck.

You absolutely can control her cycles by bringing indoors, but there are things to consider, such as aforementioned light strength/quality.

If the light is not up to par, I doubt the transition would kill the plant, but the development might take a hit and your bud quality will most likely suffer.

I’ve only ever grown indoors, and have never tried anything like this, so all my advice is coming from assumptions/suppositions.

Maybe some other members have done this and can comment on their findings.

What kind of light are we talking about, as that’s a crucial factor in this experiment.
Brand/model watts it says it’s pushing (and actual wattage pushed as advertised wattage is almost always BS compared to actual wattage)

If you suspect that light is not up to par, chances are you are probably right.


Your gonna laugh at me and it’s okay lol but it’s the growburst light

This puppy right here. It kicked off my cookie clue #1 and my veggies like a mf but I’m not sure how it would do with its veg and flowering setting for one weed plant

Oh hell no… I was really hoping it was not going to be that thing.
It is garbage for anything other than tiny sprouts.

That will most definitely kill your plant if you tried to go from sun to that.
Unless you obtain a much better quality light, you are going to have to ride out nature’s way and leave her outdoors

Sorry to be bearer of bad news, but you were right in thinking that light would not be sufficient

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No your good, love the honesty. I’m glad I stuck by my gut.

I couldn’t beat the deal on it Lowe’s had lmaoo

Oh and if it’s any consolation, your plant still has quite a way to go, so there’s plenty of time to weigh your options.

Perhaps you can get your hand on a more suitable light before she flips on her own.

It would not really even matter if she flips in natural lighting, as long as you went 12/12 when you put her under a proper light( if and when you get one)

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What brand would you recommend for a tight budget and small indoor grow area

I wii recommend this light as I own one and have had nice success with it and so far no problems…

Bloom Plus 3000
It’s only downfall (other than being a more bargain brand Chinese light) is that it does not have any kind of built in dimmer switch, which means it’s either full blast or turned off entirely.

This is no big deal though as you can simply adjust the height to regulate intensity.

I’m seeing them for around 199.99 on Amazon…

You could probably get away with a smaller model to get price down a little, but you really want to throw as much money into quality lighting as you can, if you intend to grow indoors.

Now another member here highly recommends another bargain brand here often that she has had a lot of success with. It’s called King Brite, (not sure which models she uses). @Graysin limes this brand a lot and they are more affordable than the big name brands, but I think they are only available through Ali Baba(?) which I believe is like eBay/Amazon but overseas like Asia I guess.
Dealing with ordering and shipping from them is something I have never dealt with and might be difficult to figure out/a hassle, but I know she has ordered more than one from them, and apparently the hassle of using Ali nana or whatever the company is, must be worth it because she keeps going back and getting more as she expands her operation.

I’d imagine, now that I tagged her, that she might pop in with more details about KingBrite and the process of ordering.

Sometimes hlg runs sales especially on refurbished lights, and you can pick up good deals on great quality lights that come with full warranty (since they are USA based, any possible issues and ordering would be much easier than the Chinese made stuff.
But even at discount prices, hlg will probably still be more expensive than the Chinese stuff, but the quality and customer service are top notch

If you don’t mind me asking, how much budget did you have to spend? That will determine which direction to go


My budget is tight due to home remodel but no more than 300


Oh heck with 300 possible I know we can cover a small footprint and grow one plant easily

I’ll look on hlg and see if they have any sales but we should tag the light guru @dbrn32 .

If anyone can tell you exactly what size you need for what you intend to achieve, it would probably be him

Edit:found this…just now occurred to me that your 300 would probably need to have tax and shipping included, so this might be a bit much…however, good example of a great light in your general budget


This is one of the lights I have so I can attest to the tight buds it can produce


What are the measurements of this indoor grow area? And is this a tent or more like an open corner of a room?


Look at HLGs refurbished units also. They say refurbished but the ones ive bought look brand new and they still come with a warranty and their awesome customer service.


You did see what I posted, right? Lol
I’ll have some of what you are smoking :slight_smile:


Ill share :rofl::rofl::rofl:


More like my closet. I don’t use it like most would so I’m hoping to find a tent that will fit my closet. It’s definitely tall enough not wde enough for big grows.


This is normal for outdoors now. All of mine have initiated preflower and are starting to finish their stretch. Mother nature tells these plants to initiate flowering when the days begin to shorten as they are right now. This means if you have an 8-10 week flowering time for your particular strains, then by beginning of October they will be finished and ready for harvest.

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