Pollen Chucking

Hey Everyone!

So, I bought some regular seeds….

Ive got a drying tent full of buds right now, and a 5x5 that’s one week into flower. Another set of plants to follow when they finish. Then it’s outdoor season. If everything goes according to plan, I might, :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: have more weed than I can really smoke honestly.

So I figured the next step along the journey is chucking some pollen and making some seeds of my own. I also realize it’s going to be a ton of work to do it right. And also that I really only have the foggiest of clues about what it involves.

I have a couple local friends I can probably convince to try growing out some seeds for me. I was hoping maybe I could find a little more help from you all if there’s anyone out there who’s been doing this for a while.

Pictures worth 1000 words of course…. Things you know now that you wish you knew then type of thing.

Tagging my good friend @noddykitty1, who I know has been at this for a while.


I am watching👀


It’s really not difficult. Do you have a plan on what plants you want to cross? Will these all be going outdoor? If so put them in pots so when you find the male plants they can moved away from the females. Move the males inside so you can collect pollen from the plants you decide are worthy males. Use a small paint brush or makeup brush to brush the pollen on the females you want to pollinate.

The hard part is breeding back into other plants to solidify the genetics. Not really hard but you’re talking a few generations of breeding which could be years.


Well I picked these ones out specifically because they’re supposed to be fast finishing.

I guess first of all, I want to find something that works well for me outdoor in my climate. My weather here takes a pretty sharp turn Oct 1, so finishing up in September will probably be the top priority.

After that, maybe go after a couple of different flavor profiles I like or something unique. And potent. I guess the picture starts to get a little fuzzy much farther out.

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Anyone have any recommendations for good books on the subject?

Here are a plethora of books made available by a member. Hopefully one of them have what you’re looking for


I’ve heard pollen is made to be caught from the air so if you want to impregnate a large area you could get a fan and throw a spoonful in front of it, you can also attach bags on seedpod stems to collect and then store them in jars for a decently long time as long as they stay dry

I have found a little pollen goes a long ways. All winter long I do seed runs in my temporary greenhouse. I quit seeding select branches of the summer crop because no matter how careful I was I would always seed out the plants. I would keep males offsite at a friends house miles away. I would go cut stamens in the paper bags at his house. I would shower and change my clothes when I got home. Then tie the bag onto select branches. At harvest time all I would have is a plant loaded up with seeds, and the plant next to it, and the plant next to that. Be careful a little pollen goes a LONG ways. It was not worth risking the fall harvest in my opinion. So this is my solution. I do winter greenhouse seedings on little baby clones. That way I have great control over what I’m chucking. I am not fucking up anyone else’s crop downwind with pollen because everything‘s in by now. And it’s just fun to do.

1 6” male will make a 12”x12” area look like you painted it yellow with chalk dust.


I guess my question wasn’t really about the pollen specifically. I figured with all the growers here, I’m probably not the first to consider dabbling in a bit of seed making.

Cannabis is such an awesome plant, I mean really what other plant can express anything close to its range of flavor profiles, and it’s range of medicinal purposes on top of that.

And it’s doing it with one hand handcuffed behind it back by the prohibition. Wouldn’t it be cool, and eventually we’ll get there, to where you could plant a spring and summer crop, suited to your particular growing zone, like other garden plants.

We’re starting to study it more scientifically these days, but I know there’s also a rich vein of information held close to the vest by some of you old school growers like @noddykitty1. I guess I was mostly hoping to tease a little bit of that out.

If you guys had any projects and stuff I’d love to hear more about em, of course pics always appreciated. Past or present, regular or feminized, photo or auto.

I guess my current plan is, get some homework done before I start playing. I had a couple different early finishing strains picked out, maybe I’ll just try to pick a “candidate” out of those to tinker with.

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Ive been down this rabbit hole a few times. Its always enjoyable haha.

So fast flowering is the goal? Cindy is one with plenty of fans that gets it done crazy fast. May want to find you a pack of Apollo?

There are some damn fine breeders chucking around here. @AAA has some Northern Lights crosses that had us drooling. @repins12 is putting in the hours. He has more seeds then small companies rn :rofl:. @imSICKkid is running a fullblown company with his stock😂. Quite a few more elude me atm but there’s some decent work to be done. Im hoping ILGM gets a breeders corner around here sooner or later.

But im watching and lurking. Should be some knowledge bombs dropped


This was my male Bubble Gum

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Yeah I think it’s going to be the primary goal. So I can have an outdoor crop in the first place. That’s awesome to hear about Cindy, one I picked out is a Cindy99 x Northern Lights cross. Supposed to be an apple terp.

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I totally second the Cindy99. A lot of the early TGA stuff from subcool was line bred with it. All the early TGA stuff was mold resistant and fast. I can attest to that. Sub said he got it from the brothers Grimm.

Anyway, I don’t know why the brothers Grimm went away, but they all but disappeared. Then came out of retirement a few years ago with their old seed vault.

If you want to go down the Cindy 99 rabbit hole check out brothers Grimm seeds…:point_left:


Sounds like how I would watch college students bag and breed field corn for certain attributes.