PlZ helpshould I flower or keep them in veg

Plz help idk what I’m doin should I put them bad girls in flower they are 6 weeks old

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Depending on your lights and how high your tent is really. The first picture looks like it is ready


Depends a lot on how much vertical room you have. When you flip to 12/12 the plant will stretch to twice it’s size. So you just got to judge when to flip by what room you have. They look a little young to me to flip, that’s my 2 cents :slight_smile:

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@Foxfarmbc, What are they??? Autos photos???


3auto n 5photos

I got a 4 ft by 4ft by 6.5 ft high

@Foxfarmbc, I’m just muttling my way through my first auto that I have ever grown. My understanding and from what I have seen they will decide when to flower on their own Mine is flowering nicely and has been on the same lighting schedule from the git go. The photos are a different story, I have never grown a photo start to finish indoors but, have grown plenty outdoors and plan to do photos in the near future. I will tag you at my journal. The plant has been on 18/6 start to finish. If I were you and this is only my opinion, I would not flip to flower until my autos have already started to flower as my understanding they are on a pre-determined schedule from day one of breaking ground. That being said I would want my autos to get as much light, which equals growth before I would want to cut the light hours back. Again, just what I personally would do based on all of the information I have gathered. Again, also this is the very first auto that I have ever grown, my statements are on my experience and the information that I have gathered.

Quick question. What do ya think are the girls ready for flower or should I keep them in veg.??? This is my first grow and I’m undecided. they are 6 weeks old and about 9 to 17 inches tall please help me out. Thank u in advance ya are truly the best !!!.

Must have pre-flowers before flowering and must not be so large as to crowd it’s own space, small plants give small yields, to large then it inhibits finishing and keeps popping out new flowers, the perfect size plants yield good fat buds and that “perfect size” depends on it genetics.

Nice plants , @Foxfarmbc take into consideration size of your grow space they will double and triple in size after flip. To me it’s all about managing my space.


Good advice so far.
Unless space is a factor, I’d go a couple more weeks.

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Thank u

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Thanks ima do that ima get more lights any suggestions

@Foxfarmbc @dbrn32, is the lighting guy. Tag him and I’m sure that he will get back to you. He got me on the right path. When I switch to LED’s, I will definitely be asking his advice again. the proper LED lighting can be expensive. I am saving up now for a future switch over. I am running a 1,000 watt metal halide/high pressure sodium, air cooled set up right now. The auto in my journal broke ground October 9th. Lighting is definitely the one thing that you don’t want to skimp on. I think most say 50watts per square foot. Don’t get confused as I did with those cheap LED’s on amazon or other internet sites as I did. Before I would purchase a led light, I would definitely get someone on here like @dbrn32, tell you if it is sufficient or not.

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Autos will flower on their own regardless of light schedule. lowering light hours from something like 18/6 to 12/12 will definitely help them along though. If you want to use lig schedule to manipulate sixe of your canopy you are better off growing photo period plants. Unless you get autos with recessive rudarelis gene, light schedule doesn’t really matter with autos. From that standpoint, you are better off running your lights as long as required to hit peak DLI.

Can u help me out this auto does have ruderalis. What’s the difference? And can u help me out and give me good cheap led lights to go with for growing please help me and thank you

Just means that it should flower on it’s own without changing light schedule.

That’s like asking for a unicorn in most contexts lol. If you want something good, it’s probably not going to be cheap by comparison.

It looks like you’re in a tent, what size?

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4x4x6.5ft tent what are some good lights to get monsters

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Best bang for your buck is probably to go with something like two qb 260 xl kits from horticulture lighting group or one of their authorized retailers.