Please help yellowing bottom leaves

Ok this is my first grow I’m growing banana daddy auto from ethos in roots organic 707 soil straight out the bag in a fabric pot and I am using flora series nutes and cal-mag anyways she is 46 days old and the bottom leaves on her are turning yellow and I can’t figure out why the top looks fine please help if you can really appreciate it

She is in full flower mode. I have seen that in my photos I grow. Could be pushing more N into her IMO.

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I gave her 2ml cal-mag 2ml micro and 4ml of bloom the watering before last and didn’t seem to help

Those leaves won’t return to green. You’ll need to monitor for more yellowing of currently green leaves. And if they’re low enough in the canopy to where they don’t get exposed to much light, the plant will take the nutrients stored in them and then discard them naturally.

It seems to be creeping up her she was worse when I got home from work and there are green leaves starting to turn yellow that are getting to light

Do you have a nitrogen supplement other than calmag? The bottom third of my plants are always stripped of leaves so I don’t notice that much.

I wouldn’t worry to much, she just needs more N, give her more. You won’t kill her! You will harvest.

I was getting that on my bottom leaves. But it was because of poor trimming habits. When is the last time you flushed? You may be nutrient locked. I’m still very new to this as I only have 3 completed grows under my belt.

Always check the run off ph and ppm to see what is in your soil. Always. Especially when you are trying to diagnose a problem.if ypu have a good ph and low ppm chances are you have a deficiency

Still have to add in the grow foe the nitrogen. When flowering it doesn’t use alot of nitrogen but it still needs some. Also you start cutting down on cal mag and start using mag sulfer.(sweet, bud candy ect)