Please help with diagnosis

Soil Mix
1 Part Peet
1 Part unfortified natural top soil
1 Part Vegetable Compost
1 Part Vermiculite
1/2 Part Sheep Manure Compost
1/2 Part Worm Castings
Plus 30 grams Cal Mag mixed in each pot.
35 grams Diatomaceous Earth
4 Tabelspoons Bone Meal
4 Tablespoons Fish Meal

Transplanted after 2 weeks germination on Nov. 13
Cloth pots are 5 gallons.
Currently Watering 3 liters per plant
Light is Iluminar on 18/6 with following specs:

3x5 tent with 2 circulating fans and one 6” extractor
Temp 75 F
Humidity 70-72

Watering Schedule
Once a week or every other watering they get the following in 3 liters RO water adjusted to Ph 6.5 per plant:
1 gram Fox Farm Cultivation Nation Veggie
.30 grams Humic Acid
3 ml Terpinator

Every other watering when not fertilizing they each get:
3 liters RO water adjusted to Ph 6.5
Ocasionally a touch of molasses
One application of 1 tablespoon Bone Meal (applied Nov 2)
One application of 1 tablespoon Fish Meal (applied Nov 2)
Occasionally some Micorhizzae.


Plant # 1 Strain # 1

Plant # 2 Strain # 2

Plant # 3 Strain # 3 (4 Fotos)

All on Thursday Dec. 2.

All Dec. 6 after trim


Light leaves are definitely nitrogen deficiency where as the dots look like early stage calcium deficiency I’d check the run off ppm and if they re high I’d flush em could be salt lockout on the nitrogen one


Looks like you have nitrogen toxicity in plant 3 strain 3 pictures. Dark green claw to the leaves that you can see in the December 6 picture but doesn’t seem to be present in the Dec. 2 picture. (Front left). So what changed between those days?

Sorry about creating a little inconsistency. Front left plant in Dec 6 photo is actually back right plant in Dec 2 photo. Claw effect has always been present. Same soil for all and same fertilizing schedule.

Thanks for reply. Having a hard time understanding how it could be nitrogen dificiency when all pots have same mix and other plants don’t show any sign of nitrogen dificiency.

That’s why I think it might be salt lockout or maybe that single pot has weirdly off ph but who knows maybe that single plant uses more nitrogen then her sisters

What’s the PH of your soil mix? No buffers in it to maintain correct range will cause lockouts to more susceptible plants. Every plant is different FYI.

Stop feeding plants until you have runoff numbers. If you aren’t taking them you need to start. PH and TDS. This will tell you a lot about the health of your plants.

Can someone direct me to a link describing correct method of taking runoff numbers. Can it be done on next watering 3 days after a watering with feed? Or should there be a watering with adjusted pH water with no feed and then runoff measurements be taken on the following watering with adjusted pH no feed?

Water using straight R/O; no need to PH water under 100 ppm. Water until you achieve runoff. If watering to runoff uses 100 oz then add another 20 oz or so and run that all through. Collect the last 1/4 to 1/2 cup of runoff in a clean container as your test sample. Measure PH and TDS using digital meter. That’s it.

Once you have that data tag me and we’ll go over it.

Great Thank You. I greatly appreciate your help. I will get around to that a bit later today In the meantime I want to share what I have done between yesterday and this morning regarding testing my soil components. Using a LaMotte Tracer (.7 Conversion Setting) and Lamotte Insta Test Strips I did the following:

Placed 100 ml of each soil component and 100 ml of distilled water in a beaker for 24 hours agitating regularly. Doubled filtered through coffee filters. Then performed the following tests.

Actual Potting Mix composed of 6 ingredients of some of which are listed and tested below:
pH 8.0
Alk 180
PPM 3180
Salt 2710
Conduct. 4.59

Component 1 Vegetable Compost
pH 7.0
Alk 120
PPM 2370
Salt 1520
Conduct. 3.39

Component 2 50%Goat Manure Compost + 50% Worm Castings
pH 7.8-8.0
Alk 100
PPM Out of Limit
Salt 8740
Conduct. 17.47

Component 3 Sandy Loam Soil
pH 7.2
Alk 100
PPM 310
Salt 180
Conduct. 458

Actual Potting Mix Proportions
1 Part Peet (not tested)
1 Part Vermiculite (not tested)
1.5 Parts Vegetable Compost
.5 Parts Sandy Loam Soil
.5 Parts Goat Manure Compost
.5 Parts Worm Castings
30 grams Cal Mag in 5 gallon soil volume
35 grams Diatomaceous Earth in 5 gallon soil volume
4 tablespoons Bone Meal in 5 gallon soil volume
4 tablespoons Fish Meal in 5 gallon soil volume

I should mention that after doing the tests I realized the distilled water I used was not the purest. It measured 150 PPM, 90 Salt and 221 Conductivity. My house RO water would have been better.

Also attaching 2 images of a basic pH tester directly in pots. It spikes to 9 upon inserting but seems to level out at 7.5. What is your take on that?

Will your runoff test give me more of what we are looking for?

Ok. Finally got the runoff data as instructed.
Water is RO at 73º, 40 PPM, 20 Salt, 57.5 Conductivity (?)
LaMotte Tracer for ppm, Salt and Conductivity
LaMotte Insta Strip Test for pH, Alk and TH (Digital Tester on the way)


ppm 4780
Salt 3230
Conduct. 6.83
pH 7.0-7.2
Alk 80-100
TH 500+


ppm 4960
Salt 3360
Conduct. 7.08
pH 7.0-7.2
Alk 100-120
TH 500
Flushed this one right after with 2 gallons and got the following:
ppm 6610
Salt 4560
Conduct. 9.45
pH 7.0-7.2
Alk 100
TH 500+


ppm 8120
Salt 5600
Conduct. 11.60
pH 7.0-7.2
Alk 120
TH 600


ppm 4520
Salt 3050
Conduct. 6.47
pH 7.0-7.2
Alk 120
TH 500


ppm 4200
Salt 2820
Conduct. 6.01
pH 7.2
Alk 120
TH 500+


ppm 6220
Salt 4270
Conduct. 8.89
pH 7.0
Alk 120
TH 600+


ppm 3840
Salt 2560
Conduct. 5.48
pH 7.2
Alk 100
TH 500

I should note that seedlings germinated November 2 and were transplanted to 5 gallon cloth pots November 13.
Plant # 6 was left behind to be given away and wasn´t put under indoor lights until December 4.

Get rid of this: it’s worthless for anything but (maybe) reading moisture content.

This is more in line with what you want for PH

And here’s a TDS meter

Not really interested in a slurry test: what I want to see is dissolved salts in the runoff.

Run off test was posted this morning. Ignore the slurry tests.

I apologize but I’ve got so many of these going on: would you re-post just the runoff TDS please?

You cant see it above??

Please: just give me runoff PPM so we can move on…I see a bunch of data I did not ask for: seriously I want to help but not able to wade through multiple long posts.

This slurry test is telling me there is soemthing drastically wrong with both veg compost and goat/worm casting compost. The latter especially. Here are those numbers:
Component 1 Vegetable Compost
pH 7.0
Alk 120
PPM 2370
Salt 1520
Conduct. 3.39
Component 2 50%Goat Manure Compost + 50% Worm Castings
pH 7.8-8.0
Alk 100
PPM Out of Limit
Salt 8740
Conduct. 17.47

Most cannabis soils will come in (when fresh) around 3500 ppm and attenuate rapidly down. Your numbers show soil is way too hot for plants. Not really sure where you go from here though as some of those numbers are simply crazy.

You might try flushing down to a runoff TDS around 3,000 ppm or so for the really high salt content media.

I dont know how these could be so high. Its a brand new quality LaMotte tester calibrated correctly.
Plant 1 4780 ppm
Plant 2 4960 ppm
Plant 3 8120 ppm
Plant 4 4520 ppm
Plant 5 4200 ppm
Plant 6 6220 ppm
Plant 7 3840 ppm