Please help with diagnosis

Ok. I didnt know about that 3500 at the start. Numbers are crazy. So much for cooking my own soil. I guess the only thing to do is flush, flush and flush. They dont look too bad considering.

No but you want to stay ahead of it before flower. The other problem with home made soils is many forget to add buffers to help maintain the correct PH in the root zone. So PH crashes in mid-flower with all kinds of defs and excesses.

Some materials are very benign however; worm castings for example and I don’t know if you can give a plant too much of it. We need a living soil grower. @Mrcrabs @merlin44 any ideas or someone who may know?


I am not very knowledgeable regarding soils and amendments. I do use FFOF with added perlite and worm castings. Currently using Roots Organics dry nutrients.

Sorry I can’t offer any useful insights.

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@Budbrother might be able to shed some light on living soil!


Did you add any form of aeration to your mix? I see overwatering more than nitrogen claw. That added vermiculite isn’t gonna be any help growing inside. It’s just gonna hold the water. I see you used a tiny bit of added Ca, but cannabis loves Ca; and it helps maintain the ph of your pots. Also I don’t see where you added any substantial source of K. I think this mix requires a soil test, so you have some clue what is going on.

Thanks for all the input. I added 1 part peat if that is considered a form of aeration. And believed Vermiculite would be for the same as well as moisture retention. And I supposed I would get a lot of potassium from my veg compost which is home made from vege scraps including a lot of banana skins. Now you might see how a newbie thinks he knows what he is doing. LOL. My watering was 3 liters every 3 days so I dont know if that is over doing it. I will look for a lab soil test today. I did do a flush this morning. Ran about 3 gallons of dechlorinated tap water (400 ppm) through each. Here are a few runoff tests after that:

PLANT # 7: 970 ppm; 590 Salt; pH 7.2
PLANT # 2: 980 ppm; 590 Salt; pH 7.2
PLANT # 3: 890 ppm; 540 Salt; pH 7.2
PLANT # 4: 1100 ppm; 670 Salt; pH 7.2

Those are much better numbers.

Do you think they will stay down? Is there any way to continue to buffer? And any thoughts on how to most effectively introduce a bit more calcium, mag and potassium along the way only as needed of course.

You can buffer with a top dress of dolomitic lime.

Cal mag is very soluble so is a good way to give them a jolt of calcium and magnesium. You can also use Epsom salts or additional vermiculite for magnesium and calcium respectively.

I would fear that top dressing with dolomitic lime would only drive my pH higher.

Can someone please give me a hand with my plant? I’ve made a topic but haven’t gotten any replies.

Calcium def @BubbleBudz