Please help plant help

I fell off with a bad seizures and couldnt take care of her for a week or so she still is growing looks like some nuit problems but I have been on a good cycle for her since I came back and she is still thriving I’m wondering if anyone know is she okay Sorry about the wetness she just got flushed

She’s starving it looks like. Calmag with every watering. Full feed if you flushed.


Yeah I just flushed her and upped her feeding to 6-2-2 nutrients portions

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The leaves aren’t going to get any better, but hopefully new growth will come out healthy.

The top leaves are some new growth by chance does it seem a little better than most of the plant I’m just hoping she does get better

The very top leaves do appear greener, which is good. Since she still appears sickly, I wouldn’t remover the yellow leaves, let the rest of the plant suck everything it can from them. Just keep an eye on her.