Please help Nutrient Burn?

Help!! i’m starting week 5 of flower and the girls are showing sign of a problem.These are white widow under CMH lighting feeding 1/2 strength Fox farm
nutes every three days at 6.2 ph

Pictures will help solve the problem are you sure it’s not normal leave yellowing which happen in the middle and late stages of flower - If this No issue !!!

Like steve2 said probably nothing to worry about but really need a picture otherwise just making guesses…

Thanks for trying to help , fellas. I don’t think it is normal but i’m having trouble uploading pictures.

On your screen…right lower conner you will see UPLOAD you may have to click it twice.
Then it will ask you to choose. CHOOSE DOCUMENTS then your pictures should pop up click your pic and it will pload. Thats it

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I have given the girls only water @6.5 ph for 4 days now thinking i had somehow overfed them even though i was feeding half strength. This problem began with one plant immediately after the flower feeding started. Within a week or two another plant began showing the same symptoms then another a week later now a fourth plant just starting. I will try again to upload pictures but will also describe the symptoms. Upper fan leaves in the colas begin turning brown then curl up and become brittle. This is even noticed somewhat in sugar leaves. Three and a half weeks left in flower and i’m hoping to finish out with a usable result.

And when you started the flower feeding did you stop the nitrogen ? That would be in the grow bottle or Micro.
Its always better to ween them off while changing over to a different kinda feeding schuele all of a sudden its not there any more thus comes to a plant as a shock when all of a sudden its gone.

I hope you get what I’m saying and you’ll be OK. I had the same thing happ?end. Gave them a little and it all worked out.


Yes i did Garrigan62. I have been trying to follow the schedules on this site. I got nervous today and flushed them all with 6.5 ph water. I will probably water for a few days before i try to feed again. If they seem to stabilize i will begin feeding on a light regimen. I think i may have just fed too much and i hope this will get them back on track. Thanks all for the help.

I think you said that you had only 3 more weeks to go I belive. So you’ll make.

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