PLEASE HELP! I need help please give me feedback

Uploading: E6C3D753-288D-463E-B6B1-DBC47B60BE8D.jpeg… Uploading: 983D0833-0010-429D-A706-E07B8ACEB015.jpeg… Uploading: 88BA628C-D2CE-4EEF-AA2A-166C2359E010.jpeg… Uploading: 4FA9378F-2120-4B63-BBF4-06CCDE6AEAC1.jpeg… Uploading: 84971374-1F6C-44CA-88A5-E6D7076B360A.jpeg… Uploading: AC75905B-A741-4324-B968-3A1933F6489C.jpeg… Uploading: 97612A46-AEBB-46E9-8FC4-2CCEDD311BA5.jpeg… Uploading: 5AD39415-C17D-43C7-AD2D-C01A99E0EE2A.jpeg… Uploading: 97C9AEE9-03F0-4B4D-AC0D-2EB002E5E793.jpeg… Uploading: E76684F8-5D23-4328-B9A3-79F345A8634B.jpeg… Uploading: 18A40453-C279-474B-A839-FF0358BAE0E8.jpeg… Uploading: 2F16CB93-85D0-4299-8C88-50CA30F65CD2.jpeg… Uploading: 0553AC32-EB1D-49EA-BD99-7EDC73B947E3.jpeg… Uploading: 53F55728-A7D9-4BA0-85AA-6BF5B7622672.jpeg… Uploading: 2DB2EE3E-2CB7-41B3-A9A1-3B2341E8F2EE.jpeg… Uploading: E5B8F185-58CC-440F-AC47-109511424C55.jpeg… Uploading: 3B062986-C75F-4E7C-87BF-AD54C0293864.jpeg… Uploading: 737154AD-83BD-429E-BFEA-958FD3B32194.jpeg… Uploading: E863BC6F-7E9D-43FF-9520-0A0AD4FEE30F.jpeg… Uploading: 909C9A67-77FB-489C-8F3F-E42EFB3ACB71.jpeg… Uploading: 92EADF82-94C2-482C-9469-00016AA1212F.jpeg… Uploading: F976A8A8-37F9-4B59-9958-6EBA2236A384.jpeg… Uploading: E14B7A7E-7543-4923-B87C-883A6B7A8ED1.jpeg… Uploading: D900A9A9-9CF3-45BD-BE1A-62FBBC8CD405.jpeg… Uploading: 32294997-4114-4256-A00B-6F199D363EF5.jpeg… Uploading: 7C4B7CE4-557C-4094-AC6A-CBA8E8EEFC81.jpeg… Uploading: 84587C91-3589-4E6A-A121-F942F734DC6F.jpeg… Uploading: C1FA8869-2D5D-4EB3-9688-9AC6E954C643.jpeg… Uploading: 5BFDA11B-FB2E-44AA-BA76-58A2B27C2261.jpeg… Uploading: 9EF03487-258E-496E-A755-78E5D8EDA122.jpeg… Uploading: B3A1D80D-BFCE-4113-852C-6E6EE5505D7A.jpeg… I started this grow first to second week of October let’s just say I’m in week 3 as of Tuesday. I opened tent everything was looking amazing. So I fed them 1 solo cup each of water n nutes. My water pH was 6.5. I’m using fox farm happy frog soil and happy farms nutrients. I got the trio pack and I got beastie blooms. Cha-Ching and open seasame my tent is always 70 to 80 degrees my humidity varies from 50 to 80 I have a 4x4x6.5 tent 2 1000w giixer led full spectrum lights a humidifier and dehumidifier a 6 in fan up top n a 16 in fan on floor also have a 6 in in-line fan pulling the ventilation out the tent with 25ft of ducting I also have a heater Incase wheather drops real bad. I am running 10 5 gallon bags in the tent. I also sprayed them with miticide fungicide and insecticide with been oil on Tuesday when they turned week 3 the same day I fed them. I fed them at 9am and sprayed them with the 3in1 spray around 4 430 pm I still have my lights runnin 18 from 6 am to 12am. I got the seeds from crop king seeds I got 5 xtreme haze which is the best of the haze family in 1 and 1 revolver which is nyc diesel and original white widow they were doing great till yesterday I notice 3 of them took a turn for the bad and one turned bright light green the one that was growing the best stopped growing and started acting funny and the other haze one loaf is turning yellow they are all folding or curling at the leaves and not doing well my revolver looks dry and looks like the leafs are cracking meanwhile the other 2 haze are doing fine I’m only using big bloom and grow big nutrients right now I’m feeding them every 3rd day. Everytime I feed them I give them 1 red solo cup of water n big bloom and grow big I mix my nutes and water in a 1 gallon bottle using 30ml of big bloom and 15ml grow big I only fed them just regular water once maybe twice I always check the water pH before I feed them and i keep it from 5.8 to 6.6. My lights are 46 inches above the plants I am using both switches on both lights on veg and bloom for the whole 18 hours ima take pics to show you what I’m talking about. Please read this and help me please and thank u have a blessed day thank u…Uploading: image.jpg…

You need to wait till the pics upload before hitting the reply / post button.
Perhaps break up the post with just a few pics each.

Yeah, Your going to hear this a hundred times…Nute burn
You are feeding way too early and probably too much.
Perhaps someone could advise you on flushing it out.

And btw @Foxfarmbc, Welcome to the forum. Lots of good friendly people here.

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Thank u so much I can tell I’m glad I joined I feel the love and great vibes already thank u I am tired of doing research online I’ll rather ask and talk to people this happened to or that people seen go wrong thank u I am gonna not feed them nutes for next week or two and flush them out then continue on week 5 or 6 with the schedule and feed them nutes every other watering thank u but how much should I be feeding each plant cup wise?

I use fox farm happy frog soil. I dont even think about feeding for almost two months.
Then when I start I mix 1/4 what is on the feeding chart they provide.
After that I work up to 1/2 then full.
Other things like neem oil, insecticides I only use if I see a problem.
When they are seedlings less is better…

Ok thank u really helped me

The grow guides are where I learned the basics.

This is really good info


I have 3 plants and wondering If it’s females or not. Can anyone help me please? Thay are a mouth old and got flowers but not showing the sex yes

Show us a pic, if they have flowers then they are showing their sex.