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I am planning on growing my own indoor marijuana plants and would like to ask: As a beginner, should I grow hydroponically or soil in a tent? Thank you

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IMO you should start with two auto plants in soil to get the hang of things. Keep it simple. There is a lot more involved in growing then most beginners think.


I personally began with hydro, soil, and soilless. Imo, I would start in either soil or soilless. I grow exclusively in promix now. Knock on wood it hasn’t given me too much grief. A good nutrient line I would sugest to someone just getting started would be Advanced Nutrients ph perfect line, but let some of the more experienced members give their opinion as well. Good luck and this place is great for inexperienced and experienced growers alike to come together to share their issues and experiences.


Soil is much more forgiving.


I’m with Phantom on this, I think soil is good for the first go around because you can learn about feeding nutes and ph-ing and such a bit easier. Soil is like a buffer between what we give our plants and them drinking it in. In water, the get mainlined with whatever you give, so you better be close to spot on, or risk killing the plant. For this reason alone I think soil first is best.


I am planning on growing my own indoor marijuana plans and I would like to know if I can use the Lithonia LED High Bay 5K 0.66A 120V? Thank you,

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5000k might not work for the entire grow…the different light frequencies are important. 2700K is what you will want for the flowering stage.

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What do you suggest I can do. I have 4 of the 5K lights. Should I just buy 2700k lights? I have a 10x9 shed.

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Here is a breakdow of kelvin and stages.-Kelvin

Kelvin is a scale which is used to reflect “color temperature”(spectrum) given off by a particular bulbs.

Vegetative Stage - 5000K / 6500K

Bulbs that are more blue are called “Bright white” or “Daylight” colored and are listed with a Kelvin of 5000K / 6500K. These “high kelvin” bulbs are optimal for vegetative growth.
Flowering Stage - 2700K- Bulbs with a more yellow/red tint are listed as “Soft white” colored with a Kelvin of 2700K. These “low kelvin” bulbs are optimal for the flowering stage.

With Kelvin, remember that all of the colors can be used in all of the stages of marijuana growth, but you’ll get the best results when you match the proper color with the stage of growth your marijuana plants are currently in.
You can change out the bulbs to suit the needs, or yo can get full spectrum lights. I am no expert, by any means, and maybe someone with lighting experience can offer you a better solution.


Thank you, I understand now.

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Welcome to ILGM ! As a beginning grower, you could grow either way but I believe that soil is a little more forgiving for a first grow. As was mentioned, there is a LOT more to growing than just giving them nutrients (nutes) and soil is a little slower to react giving you time to correct.

Either way, just relax and have fun. These cannabis plants are very forgiving, a lot more than you would think. I believe all of us here are guilty of plant abuse on our first grow and they still come out better than most you can buy. The nice thing about a journal here is that there is a LOT of experience here and rarely can you come up with a situation that one of has not seen before.

Good luck on your grow. Jerry :us::man_farmer: