Plastic bag over plants

Hi. I have placed plastic bags over my plants from as soon as they went into the grow tent. I was wondering why they die once I take the bag off to the point that when I leave tgem on they are doing well and when I take it off they shriveled and die. I have my lights within recommend reach to the plants and the light isn’t very strong but I am wprried about taking hem off of the bag now or they will die and I will have to syart again. Do I just keep the bags on? One has a vacuum seal bag and the other has a ziplock bag over it. In fabric pots but bag isnt covering the pot for venterlation DSC_1018|282x500

Do you have pictures?

In that first picture is that a clone or a seedling? And are all of them wilting or just the big one?

Seedling is the small one and the bigger one is starting to droop

The bigger one is a clone then yeah?

If it is then depending on how long its been in the soil you could either leave it or take it off and see how it survives.

I had 5 clones. 3 of them wilted when i took off their dome. It turned out that they never rooted so the dome was keeping them alive. Ive been told that if they have been domed more than 2-3 weeks and they are still wilting that they will not make it.

Should I keep the dome on?

Is the big plant a clone or not?