Plants is healthy but behaves in a funky way

Hello everyone, first time posting here, I always liked reading on this forum so I’m sure theres people that can help me with my situation.

Description of the set up:
60x60x140 (cm) growbox (most of the time in half open position to control humdity levels)
100W Spiderfarmer SF1000D (no intensity control)
2x General computer fans for air circulation and temperature control of lamp
5 gallon fabric pots
store bought flower mix (coco and soil) plus 10% by volume of perlite
Watering I use for now 1ml for 2 L of grow nutes by BioBizz (basically 1/2 of what the package says)

The plant that I’m slightly worried about is this Purple Punch Auto by Royal Queen Seeds(exactly 4 weeks old).
She looks healthy in general, color is all there and she grows. But the way the branches are growing and the new leafs I find it odd, everything is so close together and cluttered, the plant doesnt want to “open” up and enjoy the light, the leafs are getting in to this “cone” shape and the bottom leaves are completely unexposed.

Hope on the pictures you can see it, she seems to be closing like a flower, it’s really weird. I already tried to move the light further away (cause clearly theres some light burn also) but she doesnt seem to budge, as comparison this is a Skywalker Haze Auto by Dutch Passion and she is just going and going, getting wide and beautiful (also 4 weeks)


You can encourage her to stretch out by backing off the light a bit.

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Indica’s usually are shorter bushier plants than sativa’s and shes expressing her Indica while the haze is expressing the sativa
I agree with @MidwestGuy on the lights. It will help.


Thanks a lot!

Yes thats actually what i did this morning because of the slightly burned tips, Ill se how it goes and update but i think it’s the most sensible solution.


Yes, I noticed it already from the beginning, the sativa was just growing faster so I accepted the fact that visually they’ll be really different. That thing that confused me is how compact everything is in that Purple Punch, even the angle of the branches is so little that they’re practically vertical and the leafs are getting squished and bent by the pant and branches.
I’ll move the light as per suggestion and update in a week or so.

Thanks a lot


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I might add some far red light to induce some stretching. You can also cut the third pair of leaves to expose on bottom branches to light.
How far is this plants canopy from the light?
Can you send a wider view of your grow area to compare your other plants and how your light is situated?
Red light tends to cause plants to stretch and blue light tends to cause plants to stop stretching. Increasing the red light can induce the necessary hormones to stretch. Placing your light further away from plant tends to cause plants to stretch to find more intense light.

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Autos are crazy i had mine on a 18/6 schedule they started showing signs of pre flower at about the heighth of yours. ILGM support suggested 20/4 to give them as much light in the veg cycle maybe it would slow them down. They are all beautiful there are 8 and they range from 12-24 tall.

So the light I’m using is full spectrum and I cant control the different intensities in any way. As of now I brought the light 45cm (around 17 inches).

These photos are taken with the phone, first one appears yellow because of the white balance but the second picture shows the true color.

The pots are positioned diagonally cause they dont fit if not


Your pot is really tiny maybe thats why they’re short and started flowering at that height, they basically reached the limit and became rootbound. In my opinion a 9L (2,3 Gallons) pot is the limit for autos


Autos are on their own timeline. You can slow them down or speed them up. I have 2 autos in 5 gallon pots and they’re thriving. Second grow in 5 gal felt pots.

I would download the photone app and use it for DLI and ppfd. I use this as a guideline. Has worked like a champ!!!


I found the Tent buddy app gives good info and easy to use

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If you have iPhone it’ll say you need a “diffuser”. Just put a piece of notebook paper over your front facing camera and hood your phone level with your canopy of your plants and move your light up and down if you don’t have a way to dim or brighten until the DLI is equal (as close as you can). Your plants I would maybe do 35-45 DLI and let your plants tell you if it’s too much light. You will get curling on edges of leaves if your light needs to be back off. I hope this helps and takes the guesswork out for you like it did me!! :call_me_hand:t2::us:


Can you raise the light?

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They look quite good to me. Just need an exhaust fan to bring in lots of fresh air.
They need to exchange air to breathe. Lights are at a good height. Just need to give them another couple weeks and see how they fair. Autos are a mix bag of genetics.
I prefer photo period so I can control size by trimming and manipulating lighting. A simple switch to 12x12 light period will trigger them to flower.
What’s your light schedule? 18x6 is best for now.


Yes absolutely

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I honestly start to notice it myself, autos are so non consistent.

This time I’m trying the 20/4, first time I did 18/6. As for now I like this cycle and the pants seems to also. Why would you suggest 18/6?


Id bump down to 18/6. I quit growing autos due to the inconsistency. Dont get me wrong , in the end i was getting some decent yields, but ive found in an indoor setting growing photos take just as long and take a hell of lot more beating, not to mention better yield and smoke. But yes, give your girls a break. Theyll thank you for the sleep


I just heard that gives the girls some rest and respiration time for housekeeping.


Looking good bro!

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I am using the same light. And it did happen the exact same thing that happened to you. I think the girls do not like the ppfd/dli chart or even the manufacturers recommendations for light height. Only way to know is notice how close the branches are or look for light burns. Do you have any findings or suggestions?