Leaves curling and looking discolored ? Normal?

Today has hit week 4 of the autoflower.
First time grow.

Have the plant in 70% canna coco with 30-35% perlite.

Added Gaia green on the 21st of June.

I water every 1-2 days or when the top layer is dry of two cups or 0.5 liters

Does it look normal, does it need to be top dressed “it’s only been 19 days. Thanks In advance to anyone who can let me know their expertise.

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In addition I’m running the 2.3x2.3x5 spider farmer grow tent with their lighting. When lights are on temps are about 80-82 leaf temp reads about 77-78. Rh holds at about 58-63. Lights off it reads about 74-77 and rh jumps to 60-66
18/6 light schedule. And light is on about 50-55 percent

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Coco should be fed daily or at a minimum it needs to remain damp. When you feed, you should get at least 20% run off, this will keep the root zone happy :love_you_gesture:


That wouldn’t wash out the dry amendments would it ? I forgot to mention before this I told my fiance to water the plant and she gave it close to a gallon.

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Are you using synthetic fertilizer?? If so it’s recommended to feed to liberal run off to expel any salts that accumulate in the root zone. In coco I get a minimum of 30% run off :love_you_gesture:

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I am using Gaia green organic